“Love Chair”, made especially for the future King of England in 1890

Posted on Sep 7, 2022      55

All kings can do, and even order his own love chair!

Every king marinates in the status of prince for a while before becoming king. If we’re talking about England, it’s Prince of Wales status. Edward VII, named Albert when he was baptized and nicknamed Bertie by his family, was no exception.

Before the current Prince of Wales, to whom his mother still does not want to give the crown, Bertie was the longest-serving Prince of Wales in English history: he stayed in that status for 59 years!

But don’t rush to feel sorry for Bertie; he was having a great time. And before us is one of the tangible evidence of this wonderful pastime: a lover’s chair, fashioned especially for the Prince of Wales by the French furniture maker Louis Soubrieux.

The chair was to allow the Prince of Wales to spend his time waiting for the crown with maximum dedication. On the chair, the most fanciful poses for meeting a lady became possible. Or even two. The chair was stored in the legendary French brothel Le Chaban, next door to the Louvre.

Edward VII - already a king and already without a chair.

We don’t call the brothel “legendary” because its fame spread far beyond Paris. Even the most high-ranking guests of the French capital were taken there, and expenses in Le Chaban were recorded in the government documents under the code “visit to the President of the Senate.

The brothel had not only the most beautiful women of the profession but also rooms in different styles: Moroccan, Japanese, Indian and others. It is said that in the future Edward VII liked the Indian one best.

However, Bertie had his own room in the brothel, which was only opened during his visits to Paris. Here, in particular, stood a tub for bathing the future King of England in champagne. (In the 1950s Salvador Dali bought the tub for his collection of strange things.) Surely, the chair took its rightful place in the prince’s private room at Le Chaban.

Alas, when Bertie became king, he ended his relationship with the “love chair” - apparently, the chair wouldn’t have fit too well in the stiff surroundings of Buckingham Palace. The original piece of furniture stayed in the brothel. As a result, the original chair now belongs to the furniture maker’s descendants, and its copy is kept in a museum in Prague.