10 Interesting Facts about Dolphin

Posted on Jan 12, 2021      158

Dolphins are cheerful and smart creature. They are playful and sometimes they gave saved humans who trapped in serious problems on the sea. From the skin to their brain, their hunting technique and mating ritual, Dolphins have many interesting stories we can take and share with others. Let’s look at 10 of them. Here’s 10 interesting dolphin facts.


1. The smallest Dolphin in our planet is a Porpoise event (Phocaena sinus) on the Sea of Cortez. The length is only 1.5 meters (5 feet) and their weight is 110lbs or 50kg. The largest dolphin species is Orca, the male one can grow up to 8 meter/27 feet and 6 tons in weight.


2. Dolphin has good ears, adaptable sights, they have outstanding ultrasound sensory, they can move fast underwater but they have a low sense of smell. Nearly no sense of smell at all. 

dolphin group

3. Dolphins live in a group (Small and large) and some group composed with 1000-8000 dolphins. Females are positioned in the center and the dominant one is commonly surrounded by 3-4 productive females. 

4. Dolphins can shut half of their brain and left the other half active while in the wild zone. It is unclear whether the dolphin-born from the zoo does the same or not. 

5. Dolphin is mammals and they need oxygen to power their muscle and brain. The amazing thing is they only need 0.5 seconds to inspire new air to their lung and they can hold it for 15 minutes. Bottle-nosed dolphins emerged to the surface every 2-3 minutes, and they can hold it longer if they want to. 

6. Dolphin communicates with various sounds such as clicks, pulses or whistle and not rare they combined it all. The sonar sensor can capture 250 Hz to 220 kHz sounds, and it can draw acoustic mental “images” or to locate or to map submarine objects.


7. Squid, fish, crustaceans and mollusks are favorite foods of dolphin. They hunt together in a group. Once they locate shoal, they arrange the hunting via ultrasound communication. They circle their prey or shoal tighter, forced the shoal to the surface, plump it, and swallow the fishes as much as they can. Their hunting activities sometimes are followed by fisher and other submarine predators. 

Dolphins mating

 8. Male dolphins are mating not just for breeding. They do it for relaxation as well. Different from human, their mating ritual is only last 15-20 seconds. Gestation period is running 10-12 months (depend on the species) and once the calf was born, it suckles 3.4 liters of milk every day for 9 months or fewer. The new baby of dolphin does not have lips and since they are unable to suckle the nipple, they hit it with their rostrum until the milk ejected. 

Bottlenose Dolphin - Swimming

9. Dolphin is an excellent swimmer, diver, breath holder, and jumper. Some can swim 40km per hour, dive 300 meters deep, hold their breath for 30 minutes, and jumped 6 meter off the surface (bottlenose dolphin is one of them) 

10. Dolphins helped human many times. It helped fishers to net more fishes (sometimes the dolphin itself), helped safe guard to locate sinking ships, saved swimmer from drowning, helps medics or doctors to help kids with autism and many more. 

This 10 interesting dolphins facts are only small fraction of gifts that God has given to the lovely creature.