10 Interesting Facts about Giraffe

Posted on Jan 12, 2021      155

Giraffe is the tallest mammals in the land of Africa and that is not only the interesting fact of this animal. Here’s 10 interesting facts about Giraffe. If you are working on Biology homework at this moment, I think this information will cutoff your work a bit.

Fact 1 (Weight and Height)

Male Giraffe can grow up to 18 feet high and weighting 3800lbs. The female one can grow max 2 feet shorter (16 feet) and weighting 2500 lbs. The adult neck alone can stretch 6 feet long and the tail is longer than any animal in the world.

Fact 2 (Name)

Giraffe only has species, and the binomial is Giraffa Camelopardalis. I take it from Roman Language and it means the mix of camel and leopard.

Fact 3 (Hump and Drinking)

Giraffe has a small hump and it can walk for long miles with no water supplies for long periods. Once it meets, Acacia leaves, their favorite menu, it ends its short diet. When the giraffe found abundant water supply, it drinks 10 gallons of water daily.

Fact 4 (Feeding)

Giraffe consume 140 pounds of leaves every day and it keeps re-chewing what stays on its mouth for long, just like any cows.

Fact 5 (Legs, Hearth, Speed)

Giraffe hearth is 26 pound in weight, it can run up to 60km/37 mph, their front legs are 10 percent longer than the hind legs and it is strong enough to decapitate adult lion or predators which tried to eat it.

Fact 6 (Tongue)

Giraffe Tongue

The Tongue of Giraffe is purple black, and the size is around 18 inches-27 inches long, for the fully grown giraffe. Giraffe used it to grab fresh foliage, cleaning bugs and ants off its face and nostrils. It is thick and produces thick saliva to coat any thorn before I swallow it.

Fact 7 (Communicate)

Giraffe is not silent as we thought. It communicates, grumbles, snorts and bleats at ultra or infrasound level. I think you need to have bat ears to hear the giraffe chat.

Fact 8 (Baby Giraffe)

baby Giraffe

A baby giraffe, calf, takes its first breath after it dropped 6 feet off the ground. This natural process is important for the baby, and it is not as harmful as it looks. The small giraffe only needs one hour to stand on its 6 feet long legs.

Fact 9 (Sleep time)

Giraffe Sleeping

Giraffe only need 2 hours per day to sleep and it keep stand while they are sleeping. The lifespan of Giraffe is 25 in wildlife and 28 in the zoo land.

Fact 10

The old giraffe has darker spots than the younger. Same as human’s fingerprint, there is no giraffe living with same spot pattern. Cool giraffe facts right.