10 Interesting Facts about Polar Bear

Posted on Mar 9, 2022      549

From the moment the baby Polar Bear born in the world. The white bear always has an interesting story to be shared with human. Here’s the list of 10 most interesting facts about Polar bear.

1. Any new Polar bear cub unable to hear or see until it grows one month old. Cubs of Polar bear are helpless and remain under the mother supervision and nursing for 2 and ½ years. Adult male polar bears sometimes murder and eat the cubs for unknown reason.

Polar bear Cub

2. Polar bear has smart hunting technique. They cover their nose with snow to camouflage their present and they also do this again when other bear break wind or just fart.

Polar bear's hide

3. On average, Polar bears have max life expectancy 20- 25 years. The oldest polar bear found on the wildlife reached 32 years, and the oldest female polar bear in captivity had lived up to 43 years (died in 1991). A polar bear from Assiniboine Park Zoo, Debby, was raised since December 1966 and died on November 17, 2008.

4. Polar Bear has an amazing apatite. It is capable to eat 10 percent of their weight under 1 hour. If the bear found a 140 pound frozen dead man, the bear can chop and eat 14 pounds of the man’s body under 60 minutes. The bear can speed it up if starving.

Polar Bear Appetite

5. Global warming impacts the habitat of Polar bear badly. Their average weight is declining every year, and they swim longer to find foods. In 2005, 4 polar bears found dead drowning while they are swimming to hunt seals. It is so sad to hear that.

Polar Bear Drown

6. Do you want to color the polar bear’s fur without touching it? It is Simple. Spray antiseptic sprayer on it and see what happens. If you survive from the claw of the bear, you might see the fur has turned to purple.

Purple polar bear

7. Humans are the only predator of this animal. Human can kill bear in 2 ways, directly or slowly through global warming effect and at the other side, Bear has 2 ways to kill human, from their attack and liver. Polar bear’s liver contains high dose vitamin A, and it is lethal for human or dogs.

8. Most people describe Polar bear as a marine mammal and other people think polar bear is a wingless bird. From these 2 opinions, which sides are you on?

9. Not all Polar bears hibernate, only the pregnant which does this.

10. As Fast Polar bear fact, U.S. Geological Survey has predicted that by 2050, 2/3 percent of the total polar bear population will disappear from Europe, Asia, and Alaska. 30 years later, Green land and the northern Canadian coast will free from Polar bears. I corner the rest of wild polar bear populations in the midland of Arctic Archipelago. This prediction will be just a joke if global warming can slow down.