10 incredible facts about snails

Posted on Feb 5, 2021      212

What interesting features do snails have in them?

1. The first snails appeared on Earth about 600,000,000 years ago, long before the many dinosaurs that once roamed the planet. Scientists have found in experiments that snails have a tendency to learn, to assimilate experience and put it into practice, showing that they have some kind of intelligence. It was snails that got the honor of being the first cyborgs - scientists in an experiment could transfer the subject’s neurons to a computer chip.

2. most snail species live up to 15 years.

3. In England there is such a traditional folk sport as speed snail races. To make them crawl in the right direction, they lay out paths of lettuce leaves on the table in front of them.

4. There are giant sea snails in Australia, which can weigh over 17 kg with the length of their shell up to 1.5 m. And so we can rightly call them one of the largest mollusks in the world.

5. These creatures are strong for their size. They can easily bear weight, which is 10 times more than their own weight.

6. The shell of a snail is almost always twisted in a clockwise direction. But clams with a shell that is twisted counterclockwise are extremely rare. The more calcium in a snail’s menu, the stronger its shell.

7. To facilitate movement, the snail creates a sort of cushion of slime between its sole and the surface, and crawls on it.

Even very large snails have no problem crawling on a sharp knife edge without getting hurt.

8. By the number of teeth, it is snails that take the leading position on the Earth. They have about 25 000 of them! True, all their teeth are so small that in order to see them, you need a microscope.

 Snail teeth under a microscope

9. Salt and sugar are extremely poisonous to snails.

10. Snails don’t tolerate caffeine - it’s 0.01% concentration discourages snails’ appetite, while a 1% solution can kill them.

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