10 more cool psychological tricks you can try to influence other people

Posted on Mar 11, 2022      120

10 more cool psychological tricks you can try to influence other people

So the last post about cool psychological facts went viral which got me thinking why I am not posting more articles of similar kind! The kind that helps other people. This psychological tricks article is a result of that thought and I really hope you find it useful in your everyday life!

1. In the previous part of this article you read about the Foot in the door phenomenon and how it can be used to make others do favors for you. In this article we have a similar technique which is known as Door-in-the-face technique. The technique is to ask some a really large favor which they probably will say no to. But then ask them a smaller favor and the science say they are more than likely to do for you. For example, if you want $50, just ask $100 at first. And when the person says no to this, ask them, something similar to can you at least give me $50?

2. If you want someone to do something for you, this technique is your best option. Ask them the favor when they are really tired. They will probably will say no to it but then when you insist, the person is more than likely to say that s/he will do it by tomorrow. The reason when one person is tired, s/he doesn’t even want to think and make a decision. So they try to postpone the decision for later and you know how everyone want to be a man of their word.

3. If your kid is giving you hard time by not drinking milk or not eating broccoli, this might just do the trick. Instead of asking them whether they want broccoli/milk or how many pieces of broccoli they want, ask them do you want the milk in red cup or the blue cup or Do you want 2 big pieces or broccoli or 4 small pieces of broccoli. By doing this you’re giving them a false dilemma of limited choices. Their mind thinks you have to make a choice from the given options and more often they will make a choice.

4. Are you not a good liar and would like to be a better liar? this trick will help you in that. Whenever you lie, just make up some embarrassing details about you. So for example, Instead of saying “No I wasn’t at James’ house. I was with Randy the whole time.”Try saying, “No, I haven’t been to James’ in a while. I clogged his toilet so I don’t think his parents want me over there for a while… So me and Randy hung out.” People always think the lies with embarrassing details about the liar is true because otherwise why would someone make up a story to embarrass himself/herself.

5. Mental trick:Ask someone: “What is the word spelled ‘S-H-O-P’ ?”Make sure that they say: “Shop”Immediately ask them: “What do you do when you come to a green light ?”Their answer will likely be wrong…

6. Whenever you’re asking someone for a favor, be sure to include the keyword “because”. The word “because” is a keyword which triggers the mind of the people who listen. Often some people are not even bothered to hear the reasoning you have after they have heard the word “because”. In a study, there was a queue of people who were there to take photocopies. Then the study conductors asked one person to say he needed to go in front ‘because I need to use the photocopier’ to the people in the queue and 85% let him go ahead. ”

7. If you’re going with someone to a very crowded place and you’re afraid that you will lose the person, then make sure you notice and remember the color of their cloths before going into the crowd. The thing is people consciously doesn’t take note of what you’re wearing and once you get lose the person, you won’t even remember the color of their cloths which makes it way too harder for you to find that person in the crowd.

8. If you want to make someone feel insecure while you’re talking to them, all you have to do is stare at their hairline.

9. If you are injured and you want to reduce the pain without the help of any pain killers, your best bet is a binocular. According to this study, if you look the injured part with an inverted binocular, your pain will start seeming to be decreasing in its magnitude.

10. If you’re stressed out or are really sad, just try and laugh more and say to yourself that you’re happy. There are several studies which have shown that if you pretend to be something for long enough, you will eventually become it.

So I hope you enjoyed reading this.

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