12 facts about sex you probably didn’t know

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It would seem that what else can we not know about sex? After all, this is one of the most popular topics in Internet searches and discussions with men’s companies. And yet we collected for you 12 interesting facts about this intimate area, which will probably surprise you.

Fact 1

The ruler of Morocco, who ruled the country in the first half of the XVIII century, appeared in the Guinness Book of Records as the most prolific father in history. According to court chroniclers, he fathered at least 342 girls and 525 boys, and by 1721 his male heirs had increased to 700.

Fact 2

Women’s fecundity is difficult to match that of men, but they too have amazing achievements. So in the XVIII century, one inhabitant of the Russian Empire gave birth to 69 children through 27 pregnancies. So she gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, seven times carried triplets, and four times four babies were born at once. And this with no artificial insemination and with the level of medicine at the time!

Fact 3

Alas, today’s men are far from the fertility records of the Moroccan rulers. According to medical statistics, 5% of 40-year-old men suffer from impotence of various origins, and after 65 the proportion of unhappy increases to 15-25%.

However, today this problem increasingly affects the young: according to a study of American urologists conducted in the late 2000s, about 25% of men surveyed from 18 to 25 years have ever had problems with erection.

Fact 4.

Psychologists claim that a common cause of unsuccessful sexual experience is the wrong attitude, high expectations, and complexes. So, for those who are just as unsure of their masculine strengths and “virtues” there is good news: the size, contrary to rumors, does not matter. Not considering of course the rare extreme cases of underdevelopment of the sexual organ in men, according to a social survey conducted in the U.S., most women absolutely do not care what “it” size - the main thing - the ability to use “it”. In addition, many women feel uncomfortable if their partner’s “organ” is too big. According to statistics, the average (i.e. normal) size of the penis in an erect state is from 12 to 14 cm. Therefore, the ‘horse’ size of genitals of some pornographers is rather an anomaly, and not a reason to get upset and to feel complex.

Fact 5.

Sexual complexes are familiar not only to men. As British sociologists found out, almost half of modern women are so insecure that they prefer sex only when they are drunk! And 6% of the respondents admitted that they had never had sexual intercourse sober. The major reasons for “intimate alcoholism” are the desire to gain courage and “to observe the traditions of a romantic setting. However, some ladies, apparently, simply detest physical intimacy with men, the scientists concluded. 14% of the fairer sex cannot even fall asleep next to their partner if they do not drink wine at night.

Fact 6

The researchers of an American company - the manufacturer of hygiene products for women provided no less sad statistics. It turns out that just over 10 percent of women regularly have sex ... against their will. We are not talking about violence, but about traditional marital duties! One in nine of the married ladies surveyed said that intimacy is just about as bad as laundry or cleaning, and a similar number called sex an “annoying nuisance”.

Fact 7

Considering the above attitudes of married women toward sex, it is not surprising that one in 10 married couples prefers to sleep in separate beds. At least that’s what the National Sleep Research Foundation in England claims.

Fact 8.

Insecurity and disappointment do not prevent the fair sex from parting with their innocence at the average age of 17.5. Such data showed the research of Kinsey Institute in California (USA). For men, the approximate age of sexual debut is even earlier, a little less than 17.

Fact 9

Contrary to popular belief, not all men always reach orgasm during sex. According to the National Health and Social Life Survey in Great Britain, only 75% of men can boast of regular success. Among women, the figure is even lower: only 29% of British women stated that they enjoy every sexual encounter.

Fact 10

The concept of “friendly sex” is unfortunately becoming the norm among today’s youth. In a survey at Wayne State University in the United States, two-thirds of students said that they had become intimate with each other with no commitment, just “as a friend”.

Fact 11

Another indicator in which men slightly outpace women is the average number of sexual partners. So, the average man, according to the Center for National Health Statistics, usually has seven partners in his life, while the average lady has six.

Fact 12.

However, in some ways modern women are becoming more and more masculine, at least for their offspring. Thus, if in the beginning of the 60s approximately 44% of working women didn’t take a long maternity leave, in the 2000s the percentage of such courageous mothers rose to 66%.

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