13 interesting facts about soccer

Posted on Mar 12, 2022      160

Soccer is popular all over the world. Almost every country has national teams that take part in this sport. Two teams of 11 people each take part in the game and interact with the ball. According to statistics, today over 250 million people play soccer.

Today we would like to tell you about the interesting facts about this game, which will be interesting for professionals and ordinary soccer fans.

1) The prototype of soccer appeared a long time ago, even before our era in China. However, the game differed from the version we know today. For a couple of thousand years, soccer has really transformed.

2) Instead of a ball, animal skulls, pig bubbles, and other elements were used that could be rolled across the field. The players were quite happy with this.

3) The oldest club is Sheffield. It emerged as far back as 1857 in the territory of England. Only later, other clubs appeared.

4) When colonialism arose, the game has become extremely popular. That the British brought the game everywhere they went. However, people did not complain.

5) The FIFA World Cup came about to show exactly who is a professional in the sport. Previously, only amateur athletes took part in the Olympics.

6) As you know, the soccer championship is held in a different country each time. The most difficult championship for the European countries happened in 1930. The fact is that it was held in Uruguay, where not all countries could come.

7) Most fans were at a match held in 1950 in Rio de Janeiro. There were about 200 thousand people in the stadium.

8) The fastest red card was received by Lee Todd.

9) Norway is far from the best oddity for success in soccer. There is one surprising fact about this country. The fact is that a team from Norway has never lost to Brazil in international competitions, although it is Brazil that has the best soccer players.

10) According to information, there are about 7 thousand teams in England today, which comprise 5,300 clubs.

11) In one match, a player can run an immense distance, from 8 to 16 kilometers. Of course, it all depends on how fast the team is playing and what position the player is in.

12) Now let’s talk about a sad fact. There have been murders in soccer. We are talking about the Colombian footballer who was killed 10 days after he scored an own goal. Perhaps this event can be called one of the loudest in the history of soccer. An enormous scandal broke out over the incident.

13) Football is played by people from young to old. Teenagers, middle-aged people, and even old people. The most adult soccer player is a goalkeeper named Essam El Hadari from Egypt.

Now you know about interesting facts about soccer. The most popular game continues to please all the fans from year to year.