15 Fun Facts to Start Your Day Off Right

Posted on Oct 31, 2021      21

15 Fun Facts to Start Your Day Off Right

Initiating watercooler conversations is much more fun than joining one already in progress. Amassing a mental collection of random fun trivia can turn you into a conversation magnet. It gives you something to discuss beyond stale topics like the weather or celebrity news.
You can amaze and educate family, friends, neighbours and co-workers with this collection of 15 fun facts:

Deathbed Memoirs
Former U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant was broke and dying of cancer, so he wrote his memoirs to provide for his family. The official White House website reported he was paid $450,000 for the memoirs, completed just weeks before his death in 1885.

Clowder Power
Dogs roam in a pack. How about cats? The correct term for a group of felines, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, is a clowder.

Giant Spider

Venezuela is the native land of the goliath bird-eating spider, the world’s largest arachnid. The Guinness Book of World Records reports it has a leg span of 28 centimeters – long enough to cover a dinner plate.

Famous Flyer
Charles Lindbergh became the first recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross. The Library of Congress reports he received the medal on June 11, 1927, shortly after completing the first nonstop solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

Beefy Beetle

The largest insect can be found in Africa. The Old Farmer’s Almanac identifies it as the African Goliath Beetle and notes it weighs up to 3.5 ounces.

Calendar Inventors
Egypt was the first civilization to use a 365 day solar calendar. Egypt’s calendar paved the way for the later Roman calendar, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Endless Waters
The ocean reaches a maximum depth of 36,200 feet. This distance equals 25 Empire State Buildings stacked on top of each other, according to Live Science.

Ancient Heart
Richard I, King of England, had his heart removed and mummified after dying in 1199. Live Science notes it was discovered in a lead box in France in 1838.

Achilles Heel

The duck-billed platypus is the world’s only poisonous mammal. It can release enough poison from its hind foot to kill a medium-size dog, according to Live Science.

Pistol Pete
Former NBA point guard Pete Maravich holds the NCAA record for best career scoring average. Maravich averaged 44.2 points per game at LSU from 1968 to 1970 according to the NCAA record book.

Living Sermon
Dallas pastor Ed Young, founder of the Ed Young Fellowship Church, spent 24 hours in bed with his wife Lisa on top of their church. The Huffington Post reported it occurred during a live stream discussion on sex and intimacy.


Popular Attraction

The Liberty Bell draws tourists from all across the globe. More than one million people visit the bell in Pennsylvania each year according to the National Science Foundation.

Big Gulp

Camels waste no time quenching their thirst. An adult camel can drink 30 gallons of water in just 13 minutes, according to Live Science.

Scoring Machines
Navy and North Texas scored the most points in a college football game in 2007. They combined for 136 points in a 74-62 Navy victory, according to the NCAA record book.

Dwarf Pony

The world’s smallest horse is a miniature sorrel brown mare in Missouri. It is measures just 44.5 centimeters, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

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