17 interesting facts about Pakistan

Posted on Nov 29, 2022      182


Pakistan, a conservative Arab state, is a seething cauldron of local conflicts that still erupt here and there. This is a big problem and a great sadness, because on the territory of this country is located an unimaginable number of amazing antiquities and relics of bygone times, to get to which without risking your life is sometimes difficult.

Interesting facts about Pakistan

1. Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world and the second largest Muslim country in the world, second only to Indonesia.

2. In the late 1940s, during the conflict between India and Pakistan, the British monarch George the Sixth was actually at war with himself, because he was formally the head of both states.

3. In Pakistani families, it is shameful not to have a son, so parents who only have girls may raise some of them as boys. Such children are given boyish names, short haircuts, dressed in boys’ clothes, and given all the freedoms available to the male part of Muslim society. True, when the girls grow up, they have to become women again and get married.

4. Most soccer balls in the world (about 80%) are made in Pakistan, and until recently, child labor was used for this purpose.

5. The center of the Harappa civilization, one of the first to arise on Earth, was on modern Pakistani lands 2-3 thousand years B.C.. The spread of Buddhism also began in this area.

6. Pakistan’s army is the sixth largest in the world. In addition, the state has a nuclear arsenal.

7. In the summer of 2015, this country was hit by an abnormal heat wave. Daytime temperatures reached 49 degrees, and over 1,200 people died of heatstroke and dehydration.

8. There are 25 national parks in Pakistan, and the oldest of them, Lal Sukhanra, appeared before the declaration of independence.

9. Among Pakistanis, 63% of men and only 37% of women are literate.

10. Cricket is the most popular sporting game in Pakistan, and the Pakistani team is one of the strongest in the world.

11. The Pakistanis have won 10 Olympic medals in their history, eight of which were in men’s field hockey.

12. The dome of the National Defence Society mosque in Pakistan, made of white marble, is considered the largest in the world.

13. The “Towers of Silence” built by the Zoroastrians have been preserved - on their tops are lattice platforms where the bodies of the dead were placed so that their bones would be cleaned of flesh by scavenger birds. Skeletons were deposited in a well in the center of the tower, where they kept smouldering and were washed away with rainwater. Zoroastrians considered corpses too “dirty” to commit them to the ground or fire.

14. Flocks of trained pigeons ply between Pakistan and Afghanistan, delivering drugs from one country to the other.

15. Pakistan is the only state in the world which has never recognized Armenia, although the Armenian authorities recognize the independence of Pakistan .

16. One of the largest fortresses in the world is located - the walls of Ranikot are almost 30 kilometers long. Despite the impressive size of the construction, the scientists have not yet figured out why the ancient builders needed to build a fortress in this place.

17. Pakistani schoolchildren are forced to read the Koran for eight hours for being late for class, even for a few minutes.