26 interesting facts about Alaska

Posted on Nov 29, 2022      159

The American state of Alaska, on the peninsula of the same name, is associated by most people in the USA with permanent frost, snow and ice. They are partly right, but only partly short northern summers in these parts are amazingly beautiful. If you like the northern nature, add this place to your list of places to visit.

Facts about Alaska

1. Alaska became the 49th part of the United States.

2. Alaska has a sea border with Russia.

3. In terms of area, Alaska ranks first among the 50 American states, but in terms of population it is only the third from the end.

4. The state capital, Juneau, grew up around a gold mine, and was named after a fortunate gold prospector.

5. During Alaska’s gold rush, only one gold prospector in 200 was successful on average, and those who made the most money were those who sold them equipment and provided the rapidly growing infrastructure.

6. Alaska is twice the size of Turkey.

7. According to local laws, anyone can search for gold in Alaska, even a foreigner. It is possible to find the precious metal grains in the gold-bearing sands of local rivers on your own, but nothing prevents you from looking for them.

8. Alaska is often shaken by earthquakes. The second strongest tremor in history struck these lands, and it was so strong that seismographs in Africa recorded it.

9. The northernmost town in Alaska is Barrow, noteworthy because the polar night and day last nearly three months here.

10. Once Alaska belonged to the Russian Empire, but it was sold to the USA, because it was difficult to control such a remote land, and the gold had not been found in those areas yet.

11. During the long polar day in northern Alaska, local farmers grow huge pumpkins, which in such conditions reach a truly incredible size.

12. The position of mayor of an Alaskan town has long been officially held by a domestic cat.

13. The width of the Alaska Peninsula reaches 170 kilometers in its widest part and 10 kilometers in its narrowest part.

14. During the gold rush, prices in Alaska were monstrous. Potatoes, for example, were sold literally by weight of gold - a kilo of potatoes for a kilo of gold ore.

15. There are a lot of volcanoes here. The highest of them, Veniaminov Volcano, rises to a height of over 2.5 kilometers.

16. About 5% of Alaska is covered by glaciers, of which there are about 10 thousand.

17. You can get to the above city of Juneau, the capital of Alaska, only by air or by sea. There are simply no highways between Juneau and the rest of the mainland.

18. A record low temperature of -62 degrees was once recorded here.

19. About 20% of all US oil and gas reserves are in Alaska.

20. Every American state has local laws, and Alaska is no exception. One of these laws prohibits waking up a sleeping bear in order to take a picture with it, because there was once a similar case (interesting facts about bears).

21. The population density in Alaska is lower than in any country in the world.

22. One-third of Alaska is above the Arctic Circle.

23. One local pizzeria delivers pizza in small planes that can land and take off even without a designated runway.

24. In 1958, the highest tsunami in the world, over 500 meters high, was recorded in Alaska. It occurred when a detached piece of glacier fell into a narrow lake wedged in the rocks. As a result, no one was injured, only a hunting lodge was washed away, fortunately empty.

25. The small European country of Slovenia has three times more people than the whole of Alaska.

26. Alaska is home to an interesting species of frogs. These amphibians freeze into the ice in the winter, but thaw in the spring and continue to live on.