30 interesting facts about monkeys

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There are so many species of monkeys in the world, some of which are recognized as humanoid. They all differ from each other, but they also have some things in common. Primates are incredibly interesting because of their higher level of intelligence than other animals. Many of them are not just able to memorize certain gestures or actions, but actually learn.

Monkey Facts

1. Many of their species have their own sonic languages through which these animals communicate with their congeners.

2. The largest monkeys in the world are gorillas. They sometimes reach a height of 2 meters with shoulders a meter wide.

3. In the past, there were about 6000 species of monkeys on Earth, but only 160 of them survived to this day.

4. The smallest monkeys are pygmy toads. Adults have a body size of 10-15 centimeters, not counting the tail.

5. Japanese macaques living in Japan in the winter, basking in hot geothermal springs.

6. The most intelligent monkeys in the world are considered bonobos, or pygmy chimpanzees.

7. Some species of chimpanzees are so similar to humans that we can transfuse their blood, and vice versa.

8. The famous gorilla Koko mastered several thousand words of sign language and could communicate with humans on a variety of topics.

9. Some great apes can make tools, such as sharpened sticks that help them hunt.

10. Some species of monkeys willingly eat their smaller relatives.

11. The largest monkeys, the gorillas, eat only vegetation.

12. India has more monkeys than any other country in the world.

13. Some monkeys may go bald with age, and this applies only to males.

14. Orangutans spend most of their lives in the trees, but come down to the ground to sleep after dark.

15. Humanoid apes are distinguished from ordinary apes primarily by the absence of a tail.

16. Thirty-two monkeys have been in space at different times.

17. Seeing their reflection in the mirror, monkeys always understand what it is.

18. History knows of cases where tame monkeys became avid smokers addicted to tobacco.

19. Some monkeys, in order to protect themselves from pesky mosquitoes, catch millipedes, whose enzymes repel the bloodsuckers, and rub themselves with them.

20. The males of most monkey species are as actively involved in rearing their young as the females. But not all do.

21. Some monkeys, such as the hamadryls and baboons, live only on the ground, almost never climbing trees.

22. When a monkey yawns, it means that it is angry and ready to attack, not that it wants to sleep.

23. Like humans, these animals are characterized by a sense of beauty. Chimpanzees, for example, can spend a long time admiring beautiful views.

24. The howler monkey’s cry can be heard from two to three kilometers away. Such a loud voice is because of the special structure of its larynx.

25. Asian monkeys have 32 teeth, and American monkeys have 28 teeth.

26. Almost these species live in a warm climate. Only Japanese macaques and Himalayan rhesus macaques are not afraid of cold weather.

27. All monkey species are more or less trainable.

28. The record life span is held by a chimpanzee named Gamma, who lived 59 years.

29. Pregnancy in great apes lasts about as long as in humans.

30. If the parent apes die, their relatives take care of their offspring.

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