5 useful properties of garlic

Posted on Feb 28, 2021      114

What are the benefits of garlic?

It turns out that garlic has been popular since ancient times. Its contribution to health is invaluable. So what are the benefits of using garlic?

1. Treatment of viral diseases

Such garlic component as allicin is the dominant fighter against cold, viral diseases. It blocks the synthesis of enzymes that contribute to the entry of viruses into the body. Garlic also inhibits the protein that promotes the formation of antibodies that protect the body from negative influences.

2. Treatment of bacterial diseases

The antibacterial properties of garlic are provided by the phytoncide in it. It is because of them garlic prevents the reproduction of bacteria, is a toxin for yeast fungi, for staphylococci, diphtheria pathogen, dysentery. Phytoncide are most active in spring, and therefore garlic is very useful for fighting bacteria during this period,

3. Reducing cholesterol levels.

Allicin, besides its protective function, reduces harmful cholesterol levels in blood and prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. However, garlic only triggers this process. The effect of garlic is visible during the first few months, and then the cholesterol level increases again to its previous concentration. This means that garlic can be used for short-term purification of blood vessels, but it cannot keep low cholesterol levels for a long time. That is why garlic cannot be considered as an alternative method of fighting high cholesterol, the main of which is a healthy lifestyle and, in particular, a proper diet.

4. Garlic as a preventive measure against heart attack and stroke

A component of garlic like ajoene reduces blood viscosity and prevents platelets from sticking together, which reduces the risk of blood clots. Garlic has even been proven to prevent or inhibit the formation of blood clots in blood vessels. And the latter cause heart attacks and strokes. Garlic reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

5. Garlic in the fight against cancer

Allicin is also a strong antioxidant. It neutralizes free radicals in the blood that can damage cell DNA and provoke the development of cancer. It is believed that garlic not only helps to prevent cancer but also inhibits the growth of tumors.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to be aware of the harms of using garlic. Thus, there are contraindications for some diseases. The greatest harm comes from the poisonous compound sulfonyl hydroxyl ion in garlic, which penetrates the brain and causes unpleasant health effects.