6 tips for changing your mindset toward positivity

Posted on Nov 21, 2022      257

If your constant negative thoughts have worn you out and have become very noticeable in the quality of your life, perhaps it’s time for you to change things dramatically and take your mind literally, so to speak? However, in order to change something, you understand that this is a conscious process. It means transforming your habitual way of thinking. It is an active and ongoing practice. One simply has to learn to be positive by looking for constructive aspects in every situation. Look for the positive. Voice the positive. Believe the positive. Practice it constantly. Make it your regular practice to overcome the anxieties of your former life. What can your first steps be?

1. Every time you want to turn on negativity mode (or already have), stop and pause

You can easily transform any circumstance and make it comedic (it’s a really great way to neutralize negativity), but don’t let humor be the only factor in dealing with negative thoughts. Allow it to change your mood and then think about what constructive things you can take away from the situation. Don’t let the negativity get the best of you.

2. Think about the lesson you could learn from even the worst situation

Don’t fill your head with thoughts about who is at fault, who deserves to be punished, and who “got hurt a lot.” That is not your concern. Worry only about yourself. Think about what makes sense and what useful lesson you can learn from it.

3. Play a song that changes your mood

This is the easiest and very effective step! Music is magical because it makes you feel feelings and emotions. Use it to your advantage. Let it lift your spirits and give you an incredible desire to live, to move, to act.

4. Think of someone who is always positive

If you find it hard to think about something from a positive perspective (everyone starts somewhere!), then think about someone you know who always radiates positivity. What would he or she say or do in your situation? Think of some life-affirming affirmation for yourself and repeat it until you believe it completely.

5. Look for the positive everywhere

If you wake up in the morning in a bad and irritable mood, go in search of positivity. Find positive phrases. Find a funny picture to redirect your energy. Think about what makes you happy. Head to Instagram or Pinterest to find pictures that fuel your dreams. Save them or take a screenshot of them and then return to them for motivation. Remind yourself that the universe always hears you, and positivity is your ticket to a brighter, more enjoyable and better life.

6. Goodbye. Life is a learning curve

No matter how unpleasant your life circumstances are, learn to forgive. Forgive yourself. Forgive those around you. The only person you have harmed with your negativity is yourself. We all make mistakes. We all hurt others. We all hurt ourselves. Remember this and learn to forgive and let go. Life is a process of gradual learning and experience, so make the process as pleasant and positive for you as possible.