7 Common Foods That Can Do Serious Harm

Posted on Jan 12, 2021      173

We all brush our teeth in the morning, have tea for breakfast, and occasionally stop by a Japanese restaurant. Which of the companions of our everyday life can pose serious dangers?

1. Cabbage. In 2011, a man was hospitalized after overdosing on Brussels sprouts at a Christmas dinner. The victim was living with an artificial heart and was taking anticoagulants for normal myocardial function. Like most cruciferous vegetables, Brussels sprouts are high in vitamin K, which promotes blood clotting. Because of this combination (anticoagulants and vitamin K), the man ended up in critical condition. Fortunately, the doctors saved the situation.

2. Toothpaste. In the early 1990s, toothpaste labels almost always contained warnings: “Do not swallow toothpaste. Use only a pea when brushing.” However, no one believed that there was any real danger of suffering from an overdose of toothpaste. The fact is that the fluoride in most toothpastes is quite toxic. There are actual cases where the so-called acceptable dose (5 mg of fluoride per 1 kg of body weight) was fatal.

3. Soy sauce. In 2013, a 19-year-old Virginia resident drank 0.9 liters of soy sauce on a bet and lost consciousness. Friends took the unfortunate man to the hospital, but by this point the guy was already in a coma. This reckless act provoked hypernatremia - a condition in which the concentration of sodium in the plasma is much higher than normal. Doctors could salvage the situation and lower the salt level to normal within a few hours. But he was in a coma for three entire days, and I guess he had learned his lesson: Life is a very fragile thing.

4. Tea. A 56-year-old Arkansas resident had an unusual addiction: the man drank a lot of tea - about 16 liters a day. As a result, the tea drinker was hospitalized with nausea and body pains. Doctors diagnosed kidney failure caused by an overdose of oxalate components in black tea. Spending the rest of his life going through dialysis daily was practically a sentence.

5. Tuna. Overconsumption of tuna is usually fraught for pregnant women and children, but others are also at risk if you overdo it at the sushi bar. The fact is that tuna accumulates mercury. The first signs of poisoning are poor coordination and numbness in the fingers, and tremors and vision problems. Long-term mercury poisoning can affect memory function and impair learning. Severe cases can lead to kidney problems and death. Many people have heard that they should not consume too much tuna, but not everyone knows the measure. For a person weighing 70 pounds, the FDA recommends consuming only 170 grams of tuna per week.

6. Anti-inflammatory ointment can ease the pain of muscle sprains, but using too much can have deadly consequences. In 2007, Ariel Newman died of a methyl salicylate overdose: the 17-year-old athlete regularly used the ointment after training. Over time, the concentration of methyl salicylate in the drug reached critical levels in the body.

7. Nutmeg. It is often used as a spice for a wide variety of dishes. Nutmeg contains a natural compound called myristicin, which has hallucinogenic effects (in sufficient doses) similar to those of LSD. The purest form of myristicin is a toxic substance, so even 5 grams of this spice at a time can be detrimental to you.