7 secrets of a healthy sleep

Posted on Jun 22, 2022      19

Sleep is the most important part of our life, on which our health and performance depend. Today we will give you seven tips to help you finally fall asleep quickly and soundly.

Sleep schedule

We are used to hearing that it is necessary to sleep for at least 8 hours. But this is not entirely true: the time of a full night’s sleep varies from person to person. There are people for whom four hours are enough to feel good, and someone will not get enough for ten hours.

The most important thing is that going to bed and waking up should be strict at the same time. To do this, you can turn on “reminders” and set morning alarms on your gadgets. Once you become accustomed to such a rearrangement, you will wake up awake and energized for productivity.

No light and no sound

It is proved that bright light and noise leads to a decrease in the quality of sleep, because in the first case there may be problems with the production of hormones (melatonin, cortisol), and in the other - the appearance of irritability and anxiety.

Before going to sleep, it is recommended to be in complete silence, to use dimmed lights and to close the windows with thick curtains - in this way the body can get maximum rest without reacting to external stimuli.

Less stress

Reading a book, watching a TikTok feed or a movie also leads to sleep disturbance: instead of resting, the brain processes a huge dose of information.

We advise you to put away all gadgets an hour or two before sleeping. However, if you’re already used to falling asleep under a video, there’s nothing wrong with that. For you it - not an irritant, but just a ritual, as in childhood was reading a bedtime story. And to create rituals for sleep is even useful. Only make sure that they are calm and useful: every night apply cream to your skin, give yourself a massage, take a hot bath or drink a soothing herbal tea.

A soft bed

You’ve probably heard that it’s good to sleep on a hard bed: it relieves your back pain and improves your posture. But that’s far from it! Hard, uncomfortable mattresses can only make the situation worse, because the human body is three-dimensional and streamlined, and therefore it is necessary to choose softer options.

A semi-soft or soft mattress will be an excellent choice, and the main thing is to replace it in time, when it becomes deformed and old. If you are not a fan of fluffy featherbeds, it is recommended to buy orthopedic mattress, on which it will be not only comfortable but also useful to sleep.


The stuffiness in the room prevents you from falling asleep quickly. In addition, stale air can make you feel unwell. That’s why it is so important to air the room for 10-30 minutes: during this time the room is filled with coolness, which helps you quickly and soundly fall asleep. In the summer, this is especially convenient, because the window can be left open all night.

Fresh Pillow

Remember how nice it is to go to a clean bed with fresh linens? We got used to replacing duvet covers and sheets, but we forget about one important detail - the pillow itself, you can change pillowcases as much as you want, but the pillow will still be dirty. Sweat and other enzymes accumulate in it over several years, so to avoid feather mites, infections and fungus, it’s important to renew it every three years.

Proper association

Our brains are used to associating objects and actions associatively for better performance. For example, we may associate the living room with relaxation and family, and the kitchen with food. The bed is the place where we most often do whatever we want: work, eat, or watch soap operas. However, this is wrong, because the bed should first be associated with sleep and relaxation. Therefore, try to distribute activities to the proper places in the house.

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