8 most common sexual complexes

Posted on Apr 30, 2022      314

Sexual complexes are almost as good as a broken leg: both are pretty hard to miss if you’re lucky enough to have them. But for a long time, they, unlike a leg, can be considered an integral part of your personality. A peculiarity of character. A grimace of fate.

Although, in fact, sexual complexes are curable. And that’s the best thing about them, because for everything else they are nothing but trouble. But a sexual complex is not a case where it is enough to realize what is going on with you, and things will go right away. Most of these complexes are so deeply embedded in our subconscious that, without a therapist is almost impossible to do. With the right therapy can usually be almost completely get rid of them, especially in the part that physiologically prevents your sex life.

So, look at the beauty you’ve got.

Othello Complex

This is a standard jealousy delusion. Very often, it is associated with alcohol abuse, for in this case, the slumbering instincts take the upper hand over reason and self-control.

The Othello complex did not arise from nothing; it is damage delirium, usually signaling problems not only on the personal front. It’s just that our super-ego believes that this is the part of the problem that is easiest to deal with if one is determined.

It makes no difference to the true Othello whether he is married to a courtesan or a nun: he will become jealous, desperately and painfully, in either case. In some ways, it is even easier for him with a courtesan, for here at least he gets the bonus of a brief angry satisfaction when he is once again convinced of the correctness of his suspicions. While the stalemate with the faithful partner will drive him crazy again, the damned unknown! With an Othello complex to the psychotherapist should be addressed immediately. This is a dangerous, literally murderous nastiness.

Quasimodo complex.

Officially called dysmorphophobia. It is a psychological disorder in which a person mistakenly evaluates his appearance as disgusting to others. In severe cases of dysmorphophobia, patients do not leave the house, lock themselves in dark rooms and yell, covering themselves with rags, when someone comes to them.

Fortunately, the Quasimodo complex is a mild variation of the phobia; a person with such a complex simply panics during intimate contact. In principle, if the case is untreated, then you can live with it, especially if you find a good Samaritan ready to initially endure all the strangeness of his chosen one.

When communicating with a permanent partner, Quasimodo becomes quiet, only occasionally raising his ugly head.

Orestes Complex.

This is one of the severe forms of misogyny - dislike of women. It is formed in early childhood when a boy identifies with his father. If the father is beaten and intimidated by the spiteful mother or, on the contrary, the mother is an object of humiliation and violence in the house, the boy can be filled with suspicion or disdain for the female sex.

In the first case, it is revenge for his father’s insults, in the second - a defensive reaction to injustice of the world (“If daddy punched mummy in the eye, then she deserved it! I am glad I am not a girl, because girls should be beaten up, they are stupid”). And Orestes would spend his entire life, until he sought psychological help, to prove to himself the correctness of this picture of the world, discovering more and more vices in women and finding in this a kind of satisfaction.

The Narcissus complex

Narcissistic disorder is a complex bouquet of psychological problems. Sexually, it is expressed because Narcissus, who cannot really love anything and nobody in the world, including himself, experiences emotional coldness towards his partner, cannot understand her desires and realize her claims. He chooses a girl for himself not according to his heart, but according to the accepted exterior of his surroundings, for the only genuine pleasure he gets in her society is the envious and admiring glances of other men at her.

Narcissus, who needs to receive proof of his own irresistibility, often cheats on his partner just to check the box: I’m still so damn attractive. Over time, he gets bored with this too. See a doctor immediately. Narcissistic disorder is a very dangerous thing.

Leonte’s complex.

A common complex of young fathers, with passaging time, fortunately, it often goes away on its own. Unfortunately, sometimes Leontus complex can take such terrible forms that it can destroy the family, at worst - the destiny.

The complex is expressed because the father, who feels abandoned, used, turned into a machine for getting money and buying diapers, becomes jealous of the child and resentful of his wife. And subconsciously he finds an excuse for this feeling: he believes he has nothing to do with the child at all. That it is someone else’s baby, that his dishonest wife has hung around his neck. That life is over, there’s no comfort and milk suckers around, he owes everyone something, and his ex-lover has been calling to him for the third week with nothing but “Hey, gimme that!”

Oedipus complex.

The deep attachment to the mother that is characteristic of a child sometimes does not go away, even in adulthood. Oedipuses often live with their mother. They do not marry without their mother’s approval; they are dependent and controlling. And even Oedipal rebellions are mainly because they need another confirmation of their mother’s deep love for them.

If Oedipus severs this invisible umbilical cord and set sail on his own, he will look for a mother, a caring, bossy and forgiving mother above all else. Minus: there is virtually no cure. Plus, it is quite possible to live with it.

The Don Juan Complex.

One form of sexual failure is the inability to maintain a long relationship with one woman, which the Don Juan seeks to displace by dashing through partners. This is the erroneous operation of an evolutionary program: if you’re not strong enough to protect your own female or harem, try to mate quickly with any unprotected female, just in case you’re lucky, and get out quicker, or else the dominant will notice you and rip your head off. Yes, yes, donjouans, who like to hint that polygamy is often characteristic of males in biology, forget that alpha males, of course, love new females, but they love even more when their former females also sit around him, slapping themselves voluptuously on their bellies and receiving protection and care from their lord.

Don Quixote Complex.

This is the exaltation of the chosen one. You want to be near her, kiss her footprints in the sand, stand under her windows, but you don’t want sex because she’s a goddess. If the goddess forces the events and drags the donkey hound into the bunk herself, it is likely that he will fail in his fight with this mill.

If the donkey hound marries his goddess (which is not uncommon, for such courtship usually makes women lose their heads), even if he can occasionally perform marital duty, it will be extremely rare and extremely bad. Admiration and boundless respect will get in the way. The donkey hound can enjoy pornography and run around with corrupt women.

And three more exotic complexes

Some sexual complexes are extremely rare, and common in anyone traditional territory, as they take their origins in local culture and are apparently somehow genetically reinforced.

Amok. It is the Malay people who suffer. Here, cheating on his wife is considered such a terrible disgrace for a man that the unfortunates sometimes literally go mad. And at this moment they feel hatred not towards their wives and not even towards her lover, but towards those who, as it seems to them, make fun of them. In an amok state, the man runs down the street and kills anyone who looks in his direction.

Koro. It is common in China, Malaysia, and Indonesia. In this disorder, the patient feels as if his penis is being pulled inside his body. So he masturbates nonstop, trying to pull the organ out. When that stops working, the patient ties heavy objects to the penis to pull it out. By this point, an ambulance usually arrives.

Dat. Indian Attack. In data men, develop a fear of ejaculation. They feel that this is how life flows out of them. At dat the patient is subject to compulsory confinement to a mental institution, for as the disease progresses the ordinary nocturnal pollution causes such panic in them they smash everything that comes under their hand or foot.