Posted on Jun 20, 2021      106

If this story had taken place somewhere in a remote Amazon tribe, it would be hard to believe, because some “remote” Amazon tribes even have cell phones. But this happened in civilized and highly developed Britain, which makes the fact even more incredible.

A health care worker in Britain said that she once worked with a couple who did not understand that in order to have children, they needed to have sex. The couple believed all they had to do was get married.

Rachel Hirson, 59, worked as a nurse and midwife for over 40 years. During her practice, she said, she had many stories that may seem unbelievable to us. They happened - so the woman wrote her memoir, Confessions of a Health Service Worker, in which she told all the most interesting things. The book came out just a few days ago.

In particular, it recounts the situation when a therapist confessed to a nurse: the couple he was treating did not know how to conceive. And it was Rachel who had to help find out the truth.

“They had been married for several years, but children ‘never showed up,’” Rachel says. - “As it turned out, they thought babies were coming ‘just after the marriage.’ I had to tell them first about the bees, then the birds, and then the people. Telling adults about sex is an enormous responsibility. But after a couple of visits they just did not take their hands off each other,” laughs the nurse.

We should add that this situation, according to Rachel, was back in the “pre-Internet” time, but the woman says she wouldn’t be surprised if it still happens. As for this couple, all’s well that ends well. Soon they had a child. According to Rachel Hirson, her memories can be enough for over one book.

Psychologists say that conversations about where babies come from, with their own children should begin with about 5-7 years - that’s the age at which a child asks the first such questions. But the story, of course, should be told without touching difficult topics and with an emphasis on love.