Colors of martial arts belts

Posted on Mar 9, 2022      387

What belts exist in martial arts?


The white belt that karate fighters used to tie up their kimono shows a fighter’s potential. Each person comes into the martial arts as clean as a blank notebook to be filled with wisdom and experience. White represents this purity and open possibilities.


The yellow sash is a symbol of the completion of initiation training. The exam for the yellow accessory is taken six months after the beginning of the training. At this point, a person learns to comprehend their body, to tune it to the necessary work, to put the energy of the entire body into the blows.

This stage of training includes physical and psychological training, where the student learns to be at peace with himself and learns to concentrate on his goals. Yellow shows that the fighter can begin more serious training as well.


When the color yellow changes, it shows due diligence by the fighter who has reached a certain stability. And he should switch to the orange color belt, symbolizing order in the person’s thoughts and his physical state.

Intensified training gets a certain order, becomes calmer and more measured. The student now works on stamina and strength of mind. The technique in this period is all worked out, it is important only to work on improvement.


This color represents a new stage in the training, where a student must choose what for him in karate - sensitivity or sensuality. These qualities will help in the future to apply skills without thinking too much.

As a new and serious stage in the training, where a person is already equipped with certain skills, the fighter learns to dispose of his body according to the circumstances, on the automatism.


The color red symbolizes the blood shed in a fair fight. This is another important stage of training and the transition to a new, more complex level of training.

Blue or Purple

The belt of these colors shows the great capabilities and excellent technique of the fighter. At the same time, this is the stage of psychological training, where a person learns to adapt to circumstances, endure difficulties firmly and survive in harsh conditions. A difficult and intense stage of master training.


The time of manifestation of creativity in karate. Few are awarded this lofty title.

Dark Brown

The highest step before the title “master”. A person has almost comprehended the wisdom and gained the necessary skills, his technique is at the highest level, diligent training helps to improve his experience of fighting.


Black is the degree of superior skill of the fighter. Having received a belt, a person should think about self-improvement, regularly train psychologically and hone his accumulated fighting skills.