Posted on Mar 27, 2022      312

A man comprises 80% of water and the rest is shoes, teeth and ambition. This is, of course, a joke, but the percentage of fluid in the human body is close to the level of humidity of the atmosphere during a downpour.

Thanks to this the tissues remain elastic, bones flexible, blood circulation - intensive, and internal organs, especially the most “liquid” of them - the brain - function properly.

The level of humidity is also important for appearance. Smooth skin, shiny hair, strong nails and a fresh complexion also depend on natural moisture.

But as we get older, our skin dries out and wrinkles, our hair falls out and breaks, our joints stiffen, our blood circulation deteriorates, and our thought processes slow down significantly. All because, like any physical substance, we gradually lose water.

Our lifestyle, fatigue, stress, lack of sleep, unfavorable ecological situation, enormous amount of salt, sugar, spices, coffee, alcohol, smoking, lack of oxygen also contributes to the loss of water.

Every year we dry out a few drops, nothing. Compare - when we are born, we have 93% water in us. The water balance of a deep old man is 65% fluid in the body.

Water loss begins simultaneously with growth. The more active growth, the more water is required. An interesting fact is that the younger a child is, the more he drinks, the more he needs fluids. A newborn baby is ready to suckle all day long.

Mother’s milk is both water and food for him. A curious, active preschooler, having run around and jumped around, bolts of water every two or three hours.

It is enough for an adult to drink during a meal (unless, of course, the adult abused alcohol the day before and is in the tropical sun or in a sauna). But an elderly person can easily not drink all day and not even notice it.

The conclusion is simple - to stay young longer and live longer; you need to drink more water. This secret has long been known to the beauties, who since the times of Ancient Egypt have been drinking a lot of water in order to keep their beauty and freshness.

A healthy adult should drink 2-3 liters of water a day. The exceptions are people with kidney disease and pregnant women, who usually have to limit their fluid intake.

Since childhood it is necessary to accustom yourself to drink water, and it is important to realize that no liters of juice, tea, milk, and especially soda pop will replace the cornerstone element of life - plain clean water.