Depression in adolescents: causes, symptoms and how to deal with it

Posted on Jul 8, 2022      34

Sometimes everyone has bad moods, apathy, irritability. In the last few decades, people have become more observant about their own emotional state. It used to be that there wasn’t much talk about the inner world, more attention was paid to external factors.

Now there are more sources of information. These are two sides of the same coin. On the positive side, the Internet is a limitless way of self-development. Ready to believe everything they read. For example, many people try to self-diagnose themselves with serious illnesses and self-medicate, which only harms their own health.

By the way, did you know a person can invent a variety of diseases and even deliberately provoke their symptoms? This mental disorder is Munchausen’s Syndrome.

Some people diagnose themselves with depression after two days of sadness. Do not self-diagnose yourself. It can only make things worse, to fall into even greater despondency.

Causes of depression in young people today

Psychologist Jean Twenge conducted a comparative analysis of teens in the 80s and 2010s. She found that teens in the 2010s had 38% worse memory and 78% more frequent insomnia. These are signs of a depressive state that can’t always be traced back to themselves.

Today’s youth are more susceptible to severe psychological conditions than the older generation. This may be because of various factors. The main thing is not to confuse an attempt to get attention with real depression.

One should not be indifferent and with derision to those people who truly suffer from depression. It is a serious illness that needs to be treated.

Social media and technological advances

According to studies conducted by American scientists, we can conclude that the more social networks a person uses, the more depressed he eventually becomes. The whole life of young people passes in the phone. Communication, in reality, is reduced to a minimum. This can lead to feelings of loneliness. If you actively use a smartphone, be sure to read the article on how not to ruin your eyesight.

On the Internet and social networks, every day we get a huge amount of information. Not all of it is positive. There is a lot of negative and fake news that people believe. Frightening information from the Internet can cause anger, sadness, and irritation, which accumulate every day more and more like a snowball.

The desire for solitude

It has become fashionable to strive for independence, autonomy, and solitude. Self-development and careerism do not always have positive health consequences. It can lead to a constant feeling of loneliness and avoidance of intimacy.

Young people seek free loving relationships, do not chase to create a powerful family, and do not create close emotional ties. We need to take an example from those who renew family traditions and know how to be friends. It used to be unfashionable to live alone, now it’s the opposite. Globally, people have become afraid of intimacy.

Living alone can be quite happy if a person strives for it not out of fear of intimacy, but out of a desire to take some time for themselves. But in most cases, lonely people are unhappy, which leads to a severe psychological state.

The modern pace of life

Young people nowadays do everything faster, run and try to keep up with the world. Modern megacities are like huge anthills, where everyone is immersed in his own thoughts and notices nothing around. Everyone is running somewhere, hurrying, being late, forgetting that life is passing right in that moment.

A person wants to get everything as fast as possible, works 24 hours a day, wears out his body. In pursuiting some result, one can miss out on life itself. A fast pace of life can contribute to a constantly elevated level of stress in the body. Everyone has their own pace, no need to chase the crowd.

Depression is the third most common illness among young people. And suicide, because of depression, is the third most common cause of death. Depression is a great danger to health and life. To diagnose the condition in time and seek help, it is important to understand its symptoms.

Symptoms of depression in adolescents

To diagnose yourself with this serious disease, it is important to understand that all symptoms must be constant. If you’re just sad for a couple of days, that’s normal.

Depression can only be diagnosed if all the following symptoms have been present for a month or more. If, after checking the list, you suspect you have a condition, see a specialist.

Emotional symptoms:

  • A constant state of sadness that is independent of external circumstances;
  • depression, pessimistic outlook on life, apathy;
  • lack of interest in activities that used to bring pleasure;
  • uncontrollable anger and irritation;
  • increased anxiety, unreasonable fears, panic attacks;
  • decreased self-esteem, feelings of guilt, and self-injury.


  • A drastic decrease in libido;
  • Lack of appetite or uncontrollable bouts of overeating;
  • insomnia;
  • weakness and rapid fatigue;
  • Heart and stomach pains.


  • A desire to be alone;
  • passivity and lack of interest in people close to them;
  • Abuse of alcohol or psychotropic substances
  • thoughts and conversations about death and suicide.

If most of the symptoms are observed within a month, it is better to seek help from a psychologist who can help you get out of a depressive state.

You can try to cope with the illness yourself, but to do this, you need to honestly admit to yourself that there are problems and try to improve your condition on your own. Let’s figure out how to get rid of depression.

How to deal with teenage depression

The first important step on the road to recovery is to admit the illness. Many people are afraid or embarrassed to talk about their problems, even with themselves. For recovery to be faster and of higher quality, it is impossible to lie, keep silent and suppress feelings. Any pain, anger, sadness, and longing must be lived through.

Strong feelings, not finding their way out of the body, remain in the body. Years of accumulated negativity can one day be transformed into a serious illness. To prevent this, it is necessary to live through any emotion here and now. Even the strongest pain will not last long if you stay in it, instead of denying or suppressing it.

Learn to express your feelings. This can be tears, laughter, physical exercise. Any expression of emotion is more useful than carrying it inside yourself. You can choose a way that is acceptable to yourself. The main thing is to let your feelings out. Some people are helped by all kinds of sublimation and creative activities.

Find a reason

It is also important to find the cause if it is hidden from understanding. Sometimes a difficult emotional state is caused by some tragedy in life, trauma, loss. Then it is easier to cope with depression, because you understand its causes.

But there are cases when the person himself or herself does not understand why he or she is in such a state. Here, a diary can help. For some time each day, it is necessary to write about your emotional state during the day.

The reasons for a depressive state may be a long-forgotten childhood trauma, unlived feelings which, for example, may surface after a tough conversation with parents. Writing your emotions every day, you can learn to notice the causes of depression.

Talk to the people closest to you

Talking to people close to you can help you cope with your illness. Even if you don’t feel like talking and no one seems to understand you, try to talk about your feelings.

By sharing them with others, you will improve your emotional state. If you need help, you need to ask for help from relatives.

Try to think positively.

Gradually reprogramming your own thinking from negative attitudes to positive - this is the key to getting out of depression. After experiencing negative feelings, you need to fill your mind with positive thoughts. While in a hard condition, it is important to remember or remind yourself that this is not forever.

It is necessary to keep track of negative thoughts and transform them into positive ones. At first stages, this is quite difficult, but gradually the brain gets used to looking for positive moments and creating a positive attitude.

Happy movies, books, meetings with positive people can help. It is desirable to bring as much fun and joy into your life as possible so that there is no time to create new negative thoughts.

Instead of a conclusion.

People can not always influence the external factors that cause depression, but you can work with your inner world and the perception of reality. Self-development and self-knowledge can help you become calmer and not take modern external stimuli to heart.