Facts about the human senses

Posted on Apr 23, 2022      317

Interesting facts about the human senses will show you how complicated the body is. Only through sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste we can see a complete picture of the world.

So, here are the most interesting facts about the human senses.

1. Man receives information about the world around him through his ears, eyes, skin, tongue, nose and vestibular apparatus. In all cases, the nervous system is involved.

2. More than half of the people on our planet suffer from vision-related illnesses.

3. According to some studies, overeating can have a negative effect on hearing.

4. An interesting fact is that a person cannot taste solid food without engaging saliva.

5. Scientists have proved that women have more developed hearing, and they distinguish shades of odors better than men.

6. One in 50 people has no sense of smell.

7. Curiously enough, the human brain can remember about 50,000 fresh smells.

8. When there is a lot of noise, our pupils dilate.

9. According to recent experiments, every person has his or her own unique body odor, unlike any other. This is the reason infants can easily identify their mother, and mature people can find suitable partners for themselves.

10. Did you know that dogs’ sense of smell is almost 1 million times stronger than that of humans?

11. And here’s another interesting fact about the human senses. It turns out that ears are not only necessary for hearing. They are also an important part of the vestibular system, helping us to keep our balance.

12. We consider noise up to 50 decibels to be the most comfortable level for us. We usually communicate with people at this volume. Anything above that level has a negative impact on us.

13. Contrary to popular belief, carrots do not improve vision. They contain a lot of vitamin A, which is good for the eyes, but they do not affect vision.

14. Most babies are born with blue-gray eyes, which do not develop their last color until about two years later.

15. The most rare color of the eyes is considered being green. Curiously enough, only one in 50 people has green eyes.

16. All blue-eyed people are descended from one person who had a mutated gene in his body over 5,000 years ago.

17. Statistically, one in one hundred people have different colored eyes.

18. An interesting fact is that the human eye can distinguish over 10 million colors and shades.

19. According to perfumers, the ideal perfume for a person is the one that he does not feel.

20. All people’s iris patterns are as unique as their fingerprints.

21. It takes the human brain 100 milliseconds to process impulses from our senses. It follows from this that all our feelings that we feel at the present moment actually refer to the previous moment of our life.

22. In moments of consternation, it may seem to a person who events around him are happening slowly, but in fact this phenomenon is explained by a more detailed focusing of the brain.

23. An interesting fact is that signals from different sensory organs are processed in the brain at different speeds, which creates a single picture.

24. Several experiments have shown that people who were blind from birth and later became sighted can look at many things in a distorted light. Their brains simply do not understand how to process information that is not familiar to them. Ex-blind people see people moving away from them as shrinking objects.

25. If we walk around in upside-down glasses for a while, our brains will get used to this state of affairs. As a result, even when we take the glasses off, we will still perceive space upside down for a while.

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