Few people know about these points of hygiene

Posted on Nov 5, 2022      32

We have compiled a list of useful tips that will change your mind about cleanliness forever. After all, even the cleanest people may not know about it...

Rules of sanitation and hygiene in every family are different. Some people want to be perfectly clean all the time, while others think that it’s okay to eat fruits and vegetables from their own gardens unwashed. It may seem strange to you, but there are things that can surprise even the most clean-minded people.

We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips that will change your mind about cleanliness forever.

Flush the toilet with the lid closed

Many people have a habit of flushing the toilet behind them with the lid open. But it’s unlikely you’ll want to do that after what we tell you.

The fact is that when you flush, water from the cistern can splash on the floor, towels, toothbrushes, or other bathroom hygiene items. Particles of the flushing mass can fly as much as two meters and transport bacteria or parasites where they are not supposed to. Therefore, contract the dreaded diseases (E. coli, helminths) that arise when sanitation rules are not followed.

Tip: Flush the toilet with the lid closed, and put caps on your toothbrushes. If you’re in a public toilet, it’s best to turn away when you flush.

Bananas should be washed with soap and water

Many people think bananas do not need to be washed before eating, because we remove the skin, anyway. But its surface can often be inhabited by parasites or their laid larvae, which can penetrate the fruit during the removal of the skin. In addition, if the banana is soft and has a dark color, parasites may already be inside.

They belong to the group of helminths (worms), which can safely parasitize in the usual environment, not only in the human body. And if manure is used to fertilize the vegetable garden, the worms in it are simply uncountable.

Tip: Don’t eat fruits and vegetables unwashed, even if they come from your own garden. Wash them thoroughly with running or warm water before eating, and bananas should be washed with soap.

Periodically, you need to buy new dishes

Even if you have what you think are the cleanest dishes, they need to be renewed periodically. Hygienists have concluded that all kitchen utensils should be divided into two parts. For example, some boards should be used for raw meat or fish, and others for bread, vegetables, and so on.

Why can’t these foods be cut or kept on the same board? Virtually every such thing, plastic or wooden, has small slits in it, into which parts of raw meat or drops of blood can get caught. No matter how hard you try to wash them out, bacteria and parasites are still there and can easily enter your body.

Tip: Use different boards for working out meat and slicing bread. The same goes for knives. Just separate them into two types and keep them in a separate place. But don’t forget that the utensils still need to be renewed periodically. The most hygienic board is the glass one.

Germs and parasites thrive in the ... sink

Many people prefer to wash dishes immediately after cooking or, for example, having breakfast. But it’s not always easy to clean pans or plates with dried-on food residue. In such cases, we’re used to leaving dishes poured with water for a while. And if you rinse more meat or fish on top of it, germs will multiply at the speed of light.

We cook chicken or pork at a temperature of over 180 degrees and not less than 40-50 minutes. It is the heat treatment that kills salmonella germs and other parasites.

And if you also wash dishes in the sink with a cork, then this place becomes the most dangerous environment for the emergence of future diseases.

Tip: Wash your dishes right after cooking. Don’t make a habit of washing meat or fish in the sink with any utensils. Sponges for washing boards after cutting meat and, for example, cups, and plates, it is better to keep separate.

Conclusion: to someone, such advice may seem boring and unnecessary. But our health and the health of our children often depend on them. After learning such elementary rules of sanitation, you will no longer worry that your family is in danger. And be sure to share these tips with the beautiful half of humanity.

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