Five advantages of loose tea over bagged tea

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The debate about the advantages of loose tea over bagged tea has been going on for a long time. Each of these varieties has its advantages and disadvantages, although loose tea is recommended much more often. The materials of this article will help to determine for yourself the major advantages of loose tea.

Today, tea has become more than just a drink for us to quench our thirst or treat our guests with. Tea is an important supplement for those who prefer to lead a healthy lifestyle. There are people for whom a tea drink has become a special philosophy, a way of life. And many of us prefer tea in bags, explaining this by the convenience of brewing it and not seeing any difference between bagged tea and loose tea.

Tea in bags is easy to brew

loose tea means free flavor and high quality

The obvious difference between loose tea and tea bags is the size of tea leaves. In the production of tea bags, the tea leaves are cut into small pieces if they are of high quality. Inferior quality raw materials are the usual tea dust left on the work surfaces after the processing of loose tea raw materials. There is no need to point out additionally that such raw materials contain not only fragments of leaves but also the banal dust of “Chinese roads”.

Given the small size of the tea particles, which range from 0.2 to 1.5 mm, as well as their constant shuffling and stirring, there is a fairly dense contact with oxygen and air moisture, which significantly reduces the taste and useful qualities of the tea beverage.

Whole tea leaves contain natural compounds - antioxidants, polyphenols, various vitamins and essential oils, which determine the usefulness and flavor of tea. When crushed tea leaves, essential oils mostly evaporate and vitamins are destroyed, being very weak to the influence of the environment, chemicals.

Even when buying loose tea raw materials, it is necessary to make sure that it is stored in the right conditions and that it meets the shelf life and production conditions. It is quite difficult to do this. Often the consumer has to be satisfied with the elite label on the package, the date of manufacture and the experience gained from the consumption of different varieties.

The tea bags contain tiny grains of tea.

Great choice among loose tea varieties

At first glance, the commercial tea trade networks offer a wide variety of products in bagged form, but it is impossible to cover all the products in loose tea.

All raw tea products are derived from the ground parts of the Camellia sinensis plant, but depending on the time of harvest, growing conditions, means and quality of processing, tea products are of different types, grades and qualities. Thus, one plant produces green, red, and black teas, all of which have their own distinctive flavors and aromas.

Most interestingly, each of the main tea is divided into separate varieties because of the regions in which the camellia grows, the saturation of soil, climatic conditions and even - the altitude above sea level, because many tea plantations are on mountain slopes.

Besides the richest variety of teas and varieties, there is a great opportunity to create wonderful tea blends - mixtures of fresh teas, which allow you to make a drink that has its own unique flavor and aroma qualities. Obviously, it is not possible to make tea blends at home.

Expensive sorts of tea are sold only in loose form, however much the inscriptions on tea bag packages persuade us in the opposite. It is possible to buy a few grams of loose expensive teas and get from them a blend that isn’t available anywhere else. The possibilities are truly limited only by the consumer’s imagination.

Leaf tea also comes as whole leaves.

The real health benefits

Disseminated tea, as mentioned above, usually contains whole tea leaves, which means only one thing: all the healthy compounds are preserved in the undestroyed cell structure of the leaf. Studies of loose tea raw materials have shown that black tea contains 10 times more various antioxidants in its composition than any fruits and vegetables.

All teas made from camellia leaves and buds are rich in polyphenols, which have antioxidant properties. These amazing natural substances find damaged cells and their toxic waste products in the body and neutralize them effectively. Therefore, freshly brewed large leaf tea drink is highly recommended as an additional support during infectious diseases and pathologies of cancer nature.

Interesting to know!

It is proved that green tea has an effective effect on the cardiovascular system: catechins, which are present in the tea leaf, provide maintenance of blood pressure within physiological limits.

In addition, active tea substances take part in processes ensuring the processing of free cholesterol accumulated in the liver, thus preventing its excessive accumulation in the body. It is known that cholesterol is very harmful for the walls of blood vessels: their elasticity decreases, which often leads to abnormalities against the background of atherosclerotic changes. Atherosclerosis increases the risk of high blood pressure and strokes and heart attacks.

Processing of high quality loose-leaf teas includes surface cleaning from trivial dust and dirt, ensuring their safe consumption.

Bulk tea is free of fine dusty particles.

Large leaf teas are closer to nature.

Loose teas are a natural part of nature, with minimal human intervention in their making. If you want to use it as a dietary staple, or simply want to be close to nature, large-leaf tea is the best choice.

Besides the loss of taste and aroma qualities during the production process, tea from bags loses its external appeal. This will be clearly visible if you open the tea bag and try to examine its contents. The tea particles from the bag will not even remotely resemble their belonging to the original tea leaf. It turns out that the consumer is satisfied with tea chips and dust, all for the cost of his own money.

Producers of bagged tea raw materials are aware of the severe loss of the useful qualities of the tea leaf, so they attempt to restore them with various vitamin additives, coloring agents and flavorings of synthetic origin. There is no need to further explain how far this distances us from the natural naturalness of the original tea leaf.

Unpacked tea - a substantial gift

I can't imagine a packet of tea bags as a gift to a close, beloved person. Such a display of emotion to another person would look somewhat unfortunate. Even if this package will comprise a thousand bags of the most expensive variety.

A tea lover can be presented with a teapot made of yixing clay

You don’t have to buy large quantities of the original loose-leaf tea when you give it as a gift. Its quality, aroma, soulfulness and natural hospitality will easily outshine insignificant volumes. No matter who the gift is meant for: a common person or a connoisseur of tea traditions, it can bring a lot of positive emotions, and the person will appreciate such a gift.

It is a sign of good taste to include in a gift set special brewware or tea glasses, especially if they come from countries where tea drinking has a deep philosophical meaning, such as China or Japan.

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