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Great scientific discoveries and technological achievements of the turn of XX and XXI centuries - the success of computer informatics and progress in the decoding of the human genome - were a breakthrough in the scientific study of water as an atmospheric, physical, biochemical, energy, physiological and medical phenomenon. In its medicinal properties, scientists saw the contours of a natural analogue of today’s pharmacological preparations, and in the contamination - the danger to all life on our planet.

Water is the basis of life on earth.

Ancient Greek philosopher Thales proclaimed water the beginning of all beginnings. Two thousand years later Leonardo da Vinci called water a spiritual life, because all life on Earth “came out” of water and contains it as the main natural component. Two centuries later, Ludwig Feierbach concluded that looking at the water surface, people realized themselves. V.I. Vernadsky was the first in the world who comprehended the all-encompassing role of water in the history of our planet: “There is no natural body that can be compared to it in terms of its influence on the course of the main, most grandiose geological processes. There is no earthly substance - a mineral, rock, a living body that does not contain it. Everything earthly is penetrated and covered by it. Water without Life is unknown in the biosphere. And, water remains one of the most mysterious and unsolved phenomena of our life.

Water, with no exaggeration, is the natural basis of life. All living things on Earth, including you and I, in the evolutionary sense, have come out of water and consist mainly of it. Water is a key component of earthly nature and the least studied, still containing a huge number of mysteries and unrealized opportunities, to which science is only approaching.

It is water that made and makes our planet alive, because the first microorganisms were born in water when there was no atmospheric oxygen. In addition, water is the only liquid that is able to purify itself. For example, the complex of floodplain and reservoir water area not only provides self-cleaning water, but thanks to this unique property refreshes our atmosphere. If there were no water on the planet as a universal solvent, which is subject to even silicon, we would have nothing to breathe a long time ago.

Interesting facts about water

Water is not only the natural foundation of life on our planet but also a true savior of all living things. It has the unique property of a universal solvent, which even the densest natural minerals can not resist, can “stick” to everything and clean any object.

And - the ability to self-clean, reminding not the substance, but the creature. Water most times behaves like a living creature, not without reason ancient people paganly deified water and worshiped it as the foremother of all life on Earth. I understand them and I am in solidarity with them.

It is interesting that even today Africans identify the water element, mysterious and unpredictable, with the feminine and motherhood, as fire - with male character and fatherhood. Secret ritual societies of African women consider water a guardian of their secrets and hold meetings in the process of joint bathing.

It is curious that only girls and young women take part in swimming competitions at sports festivals. Men, I know (I visited 15 African countries in 1962-2004) usually showed no interest in water, even if they lived on the shore of the ocean, avoided it and could not swim.

Aging is the drying up of the body.

Water, according to the famous aphorism of Nobel Prize winner Albert Saint-Dyere in 1937, is not only the mother but also the life matrix. It is in the complex and multi-dimensional structure of water-protein macromolecules that the sources of biological information for the development of all living things, including humans, are laid. This approach expands our understanding of the origin of not only planetary but also of each specific life.

I still believe it that fertilization consists in the connection of a sperm cell with an egg. But the act of fertilization requires a certain biological “platform” - and this “platform” is water, because both carriers of the new organism contain water, and our life is a loss of not only the energy of cellular metabolism, but also the water in which it is carried out.

Avicenna’s sad aphorism comes to mind: aging is the drying up of an organism.

This process is carried out only in the aquatic environment, and therefore inevitably carries its virtual “imprint”. Not so long ago, it turned out that the architecture of molecular conglomerates of water is close to the structure of DNA, and its spiral organically fits into their openwork cavities, as if specially prepared for them by the “water” evolution of earthly nature.