Posted on Mar 13, 2022      153


1. Mark George - motorcyclist standing on his head

Some record holders make the top lists for features that nature has given upon them or for their willingness to splurge on extensive collections of whatever. Agree; you don’t need special talents for such categories. So is the achievement of Mark George, a junior resident of Hampshire, UK. He holds the record for fastest motorcycle riding and standing on his head at the same time. It’s hard to take your eyes off the stunts Mark pulls off on his motorcycle. It is both interesting and scary to watch at the same time!

2. Jericho - the longest-horned yak.

This amazing animal is a genuine wonder of nature. Jaricho, owned by Hugh and Melody Smith (USA), boasts ornate horns that measure ... 3 meters and 46 centimeters long! He has officially become the world’s longest-horned yak.

3. Frank Hachem is the smallest driver.

The record in the category “The shortest bus driver” went to 57-year-old Frank Fayek Hachem. He lives in Great Britain. Frank passed his driving test in 1989 and has been working on bus routes for the past three years. And yet he is only 136.2 centimeters tall.

4. Freddie and Frankie are the fastest rat burglars

Once again, the record went to our smaller brothers. Freddie and Frankie are pets of Luke Roberts and Jess Timmis. It seems the owners often play with their pets, as both rats became record holders. One was awarded the title of the fastest gambler, and the other is the fastest one jumping through the hoop. Luke and Jess clearly make sure their protégés stay in great shape.

5. Paul Scardino and his toy collection

Oh, they don’t say for nothing that men are eternal children. American Paul Scardino never got enough as a child, as he continues to collect toy collections. The man first joined the ranks of record-breakers in 2018, and since then his collection of Funko Pop! figures has grown even larger. It now comprises 5,306 dolls. It’s time to open his own toy store.