Posted on Mar 13, 2022      287

According to scientists’ observations, the human body undergoes changes in every generation. Positive transformations are direct evidence of improved quality of life, availability of education, climate change, rather than just the course of evolution. This means that, on average, the life expectancy of the people of the twenty-first century will become a little longer. We should not diminish the merits of medics, and the latest developments in the treatment of various diseases.

One can trace the changes in the appearance of human beings over the last 100 years by the increased average height index.

How have people around the world grown over the century?

British sociologists, who conducted an interesting study based on the data of medical records of compatriots, concluded that the British over the century grew by 0,328 ft. If in the last century, the average height values ranged from 5,51 to 5,57 ft, today the threshold has reached 5,83 ft. Experts attribute the increase in indicators to improved nutrition, consciousness of citizens and health education of the population.

In terms of height parameters, the British are not inferior to the Dutch at 30 to 40 years, whose growth is entrenched at 6.06 ft. According to statistics, the tallest men today live in the Netherlands (5,97 ft).

And where has the height gone “into minus”?

Not all countries show an increase in height, and some countries have even slowed their figures over a short period. Back in the 1940s, Americans were considered the tallest people in the world. Their average height was 5,80 ft, but 60 years later this mark and remained the top point. From the top three, America has moved down to 37th place. Researchers attribute this to the changed lifestyle of people, and wars and epidemics, experienced in the XX century, as the appearance of future generations has a direct dependence on negative factors. And in order to overcome these changes, five generations must change.

Slow physical progress is also showed by the inhabitants of South Africa. In a century the height of Africans has increased by only 0.05 ft. The reason is the low standard of living, poor development of medicine and economy.

According to statistics, Guatemala has the lowest average female population. Their height today is a little short of 4.92 ft. The Republic of East Timor leads the world in the number of the shortest men (5.21 ft).

Every year a large part of the world’s population becomes more attentive to their diet, more careful about hygiene and engaged in sports. This has a positive effect not only on growth but also on resistance to various kinds of diseases, and on the quality and length of life. However, the deteriorating ecological situation in the world is causing an increase in cases of cancer. The dynamics of human growth in the countries used for the example are rather averaged, as no consistent pattern of progress or regression can be detected. Changes over time have been discontinuous and have been influenced by positive and negative factors.