Hidden attitudes towards poverty that cause money to run away from the wallet

Posted on Mar 9, 2022      207

Often we blame our problems on circumstances or other people. We constantly complain, making the situation worse. And for finances, I hear complaints from almost all my friends and acquaintances. Dear readers, do not look for ways to attract money with the help of conspiracies and dancing with tambourine. Everything is much simpler.

In this article, I will tell you how you can influence your financial situation by changing your attitude towards money. You’ll learn what poverty attitudes are, why they are such a hindrance to our well-being, and how to get rid of them. No tricks - just psychology.


The relationship with money applies to everyone and at all times. Of course, everyone wants to live in abundance and not feel discomfort due to lack of money. Well, today I want to talk about subconscious attitudes to poverty, which I found in myself, and how to combat them.

For a long time now, I have noticed that there is a barrier in my financial situation. And no matter how hard I try, I can’t jump higher than that barrier. The only good thing is that I do not go any lower. But I want to move forward, to develop.

And recently there was a situation that completely threw me off balance. Unexpectedly there came a very substantial utility bill which I did not expect. I would like to point out that our family has no debts and always pays on time.

Of course, my husband and I found out why the amount is so exorbitant. But the point is this: the figures I saw very stressed me. Outwardly, of course, I tried not to show it, but inside everything was boiling. A million thoughts flashed through my head: “what if I don’t have enough money until my next paycheck,” “this is a bad time,” “we spent so much last month,” “it’s time to save. Sound familiar?

Stress over money.

I got to thinking and started analyzing other situations in my life involving money. The incident came to mind when my husband and I accidentally picked up at the supermarket for a sum of money that was not on the card. When the cashier read out the numbers and I realized we did not have enough money, I wanted to fall through the earth. My face turned red, and my hands shook. I felt a lot of internal tension.

But my husband calmly put away some goods and paid, completely oblivious of the problem. I realized he had a peculiar attitude to the situation and was not stressed.

Then I remembered many instances from my childhood that influenced my attitude toward money. I realized that since my early childhood, financial issues caused me tremendous stress. My grandmother and parents kept telling me that there was no money and I had to “reach” my paycheck in order to buy a new toy or candy. I’ll never forget those endless counting and straining.

Problem Solution

Now in my life I am doing well, I make good money. But in my relationship with money, my psyche keeps throwing up negativity. Enormous expenses always cause tension and anxiety. At the same time I have enough money for everything, but I feel as if I am giving away my last penny.

So, dear friends: it is this attitude to money that prevents us from crossing the financial barrier that we create in our own heads. I remembered a technique that I learned a long time ago in one of Louise Hay’s books. It is a simple psychological technique that at one time helped me get back on my feet. I had completely forgotten about it, but recently used it again and literally after a month noticed the changes.

It may sound strange, but the advice is this: be thankful for all your bills and expenses. Yes, yes, that’s right. Try to be genuinely happy when you spend money. After all, if you can spend it, you have it! If that’s the amount listed in the bills, then the universe knows you can earn it.

Not am I saying that this method will get rid of all money problems. Of course, if the attitudes are sitting deep, gratitude for expenses alone is not enough. Work hard and try hard to achieve financial well-being.

However, it is worth thinking: perhaps the root of the problems should be sought not in the outside world, but in your head. In addition, the psychological technique mentioned above does not require much effort - just try it and observe. I guarantee that there will be changes and it will become easier to avoid financial difficulties.

If you know other effective ways to attract money, be sure to share in the comments!