How do you control stress?

Posted on Mar 9, 2022      235

Stress is your body’s response to the conditions of your life in a dynamic world of constant challenge and change. Treat stress this way and learn to respond to it correctly. This is the key to not only avoiding the negative effects of stress but also to improving your own physical, mental and emotional well-being.

How do you control stress?

Simply learn to control yourself by using the simple methods outlined below.

Counting from 1 to 100 or 100 to 1

When you feel your anxiety or worry building up, start counting. Counting helps prevent panic attacks and helps clear your brain. Count from 1 to 100 or 100 to 1, even better, counting in a distinct language makes it harder and again switches your attention. You will focus on the process and take your mind off your anxious thoughts.

Controlling your daily activities

Let’s start with a simple but effective method, which is to monitor your daily activities. Write all of your daily activities and categorize them on a two-point scale: 1 point for stating the activity itself and 2 points for the activity that brought you satisfaction. This method is extremely useful for getting rid of all unwanted, negative thoughts, such as “I did nothing today. You will see clearly what you are doing each day, and much more and much better than you think.

Keeping a daily “positive” diary

This method can be excellent for a wide variety of disorders, including depression, anxiety and eating disorders. It is also suitable for those who simply want inspiration and motivation. Keep a diary where you write only positive things that happen to you during the day, and you find that life is not so gloomy as you think, because it turns out there are quite a few wonderful moments.

A detailed description of the people or objects around you

This method is often used by people suffering from panic attacks. It is also quite effective when you are feeling restless and want to relax a bit. So, every time you feel nervous, look around you and try to describe the people or things in your field of vision. This is how you shift your attention from your condition to external objects.

Focus on what you can change.

Wasting your precious energy thinking about things you can’t control is an intolerable waste of energy. But understanding this in a time of great stress is difficult. The following technique may help: write in one column what you can change, and in another, what you cannot. Concentrate on the first and ignore the second.

Confront Negative Thoughts

Imagine a situation that scares you or makes you feel anxious and insecure. Now imagine the worst, best and most realistic thing that could happen in that situation. By constantly running this through your head, you will stop being afraid of the bad thoughts and confront them. You see that they are not as scary as you thought.


Surprises are usually used when you have a couple. For one week, each partner must surprise the other half, but the surprise and the surprise itself must always remain a secret. The couple observes each other’s behavior and tries to guess what they will be pleasantly surprised with next time. In this way, people focus on the good things and forget about the negative.