How much water is in us?

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The amount of water in our body depends on our age. Characteristically, a six-week embryo, which formed the rudiments of the basic systems of the future body, 97% consists of water, in newborns its amount decreases to 77%, and by 50 years - 60% of body weight. In this case, 70% of the water is concentrated inside the cells, and the rest - extracellular water, 7% of it - blood and lymph, most of it washes the cells - it is interstitial, or interstitial water. Loss of 10% - 12% of water by body weight can lead to irreversible changes in the human body, and the loss of 15 - 25% - is fatal.

We not only drink water, but eat it together with food, breathe it, breathing in the atmospheric air. You yourself noted among the newest approaches identifying signal functions of water macromolecules. I will transform water physics at a sped up rate into water informatics, especially since digital technologies necessary for this purpose are already functioning, though in other fields of knowledge.

Water can communicate with a person.

You have rightly touched upon the problem of human dialogue (interaction) with water, which was considered being forbidden and idealistic until recently. Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto was the first in the world who managed not only to photograph water macromolecules invisible to the naked eye, similar to tiny octopuses and snowflakes, but also to discover that they change their shape by responding to music, speech, radio telephones, computers and other electronics.

Masaru Emoto treats his frozen octopus snowflakes like living creatures, believing that the water wants to communicate with us. The water seems to vibrate in a frequency that resonates with us, normalizing and harmonizing our body’s internal systems. However, if we feel anger or anger, we seem to change the frequency and energy of the fluctuations, and our emotions “boomerang” back to us.

By the way, Austrian scientists in their experiments recorded a change in the color gamut of frozen water cubes after wave action; ice activated in this way not only changes color, but also emits at the frequencies of the visible spectrum.

Water + deuterium = heavy water.

The world is entering an era of studying and using for human benefit isotopes of existing chemical elements, including those that Vernadsky called biotic. It is known that the two elements that make up water have six only stable isotopes with different atomic weights. They all coexist in different proportions in natural water.

Special attention of chemical, biological and medical sciences is focused on heavy hydrogen (deuterium) and superheavy oxygen, which change the qualities and properties of classical water so significantly that they are associated not only with the rate of metabolic processes in the body but also the rate of its aging.

We will treat with drinking water

When I said that water molecules are not so simple, I also meant the isotopic problem. Heavy water is not quite favorable for the body. Therefore, a domestic installation to get therapeutic drinking water with a reduced content of deuterium.

The effect is already there, but science requires in-depth research, definition of standards, classification of parameters of light water application for health and treatment purposes.

If I understood correctly, science has opened a real possibility to treat some diseases by using a special method of prepared health water? I find this approach very attractive not only in medical but also in purely economic terms.

Now there are about 500 thousand names of pharmaceutical products in the world. I base the vast majority of them on the concept of seeking less harm. It takes 10-15 years of hard work and up to a billion dollars to create one effective synthetic drug.

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