How to become more energetic

Posted on Nov 21, 2022      253

It’s no secret that life in modern society requires an enormous amount of energy. Study, work, traffic jams on the roads, evening parties - all of this just devours the energy and time of young people. But after a work week you come home, full of energy and new ideas. But on Monday you want to quit.

How to become more energetic

How is it possible? Why doesn’t even loud music help you wake up in the morning and make you go brush your teeth? The fact is that there is no single answer to this question. The reasons are many. This may be the rhythm of a person’s life, the conditions in which he lives, his attitude toward work. Some even associate it with a lack of enough UV light.

Besides physical factors that affect all of us, there are also psychological factors. Unfortunately, they are not taken seriously, but it’s a wrong point of view.

Emotions that you suppress

We all have friends or acquaintances, who can borrow something and not give it back. And it seems like a small thing, but it’s unpleasant. Strain, be patient and reassure yourself that if the next week it will not be returned, it’s worth a reminder.

But a week goes by, and everything is still there. You strain yourself again, pull yourself together, and remind the man of the debt. He asks you to wait a little longer. And then, when you’re already at the limit, the man returns yours as if nothing had happened, and goes about his business. Everything is back in its place, but the inner tension remains in you.

There are many examples, but what they have in common is that all of them are accumulated inside us. They accumulate and grow into chronic fatigue syndrome. By the way, the desires you suppress in yourself are deposited as a heavy weight of emotion, no worse.

The desire to conform to other people’s expectations

Parents, friends often, colleagues at work - all those who surround us, of course, have a tremendous influence on us. These people want to see you as the perfect person, good at everything. Bad habits - never. Difficulties at work - out of the question. Not going shopping together - forget it altogether.

Live with it and try to conform. To be a good kid for parents (or at least pretend to be), always help friends, and at work to forget about laziness. Of course, all this does not reflect in the best way inside us. Tension is enormous, and you can forget about the extra energy for yourself.

Unfriendly environment

Sometimes the weekend went well, everything seems fine, the morning is brisk; the coffee is excellent, and the shower is hot. But at work, the energy is gone in the first half hour. Immediately thoughts of banal laziness come to mind. You don’t have to beat yourself up right away.

Often the problem lies elsewhere. Namely, in the working environment. Boss yells relentlessly, colleagues tease and do not show participation. Even the cashier in the canteen does not accept crumpled bills. And such tension 5 and even 6 days a week. Obviously, all this leads to an accumulation of stress. And it is quite problematic to change the working collective, or even more so to change the place of work. This whole situation takes your energy non-stop.

But how can you fight it? Here are a couple of tips that will always help you feel confident.

Inspect yourself, whether you’re experiencing this kind of environmental discomfort at all. Perhaps you are internally very strong and cheerful person and all these psychological problems do not concern you at all.

Learn to say no. Saying no to small requests when you don’t have the time or inclination to do so is a sensible decision. You’re an adult who should have your own time.

If you’re expected to do something, that’s no reason to make those expectations the meaning of your life. You should always stick to your own views on life, others will wait.

Keep a balance of physical and mental development. Yoga, gym great help to relieve the brain and not think about their problems for a while. But after training, the solution can come of its own accord. You just have to try it.

If the source of the problem is found, do not put off solving it for later. Why continue to burden your nervous system with this kind of stress.

A person should always keep a balance. After all, your cheerful life is not a privilege, but the norm. The mental, and the physical state within you, are essential parts of the same system. If you change the quality of one, the quality of the other will always change. To prevent this, watch yourself very carefully. It affects you both externally and internally.