How to take medication correctly so that it will cure you after all

Posted on Mar 9, 2022      60

Things that are harmful always work. But sometimes medicines don’t even cure a cold. But the purpose and mechanism of action of medicines is more subtle. For them to work, you need at least not to interfere with them.

1. Grapefruit juice, milk, tea, coffee, cocoa, cola, alcohol, and a list of what not to wash down drugs, even if in the annotation is not prohibited. Grapefruit flavonoids, caffeine, casein, and ethanol can affect either the drug itself or the liver enzymes that break down the drug.

2. Taking antibiotics on a schedule is not suggested for you to look at the package and remember the brand name. Taking them regularly helps to keep the concentration of the medicine in your frail body so that not only the bacteria themselves but also their spores die off. But taking them irregularly only trains them and helps them develop drug resistance.

3. Every medicine prescription tells you how to take the medicine: before, after, or during a meal. But even if you must take your medicine with a meal, avoid eating oatmeal, pearl barley, or vegetable salads. There’s a lot of fiber in there; it will take some of the drug with it, back to the outside world.

4. There are about 2,500 registered active ingredients, and if pharmacists decide to test all their combinations, lab rats will quickly become extinct. And those that survive will beat the scientists at poker and swim out to sea, rustling their scales. Because the effects of combining over five drugs are unpredictable. Don’t exceed that limit.

5. If your funniest stories seem like tales of Hoffmann’s eyewitness account of the events, your doctor may prescribe antidepressants from the group of monoamine oxidase inhibitors. Avoid bananas, cheese and chocolate right away; they contain tyramine, which constricts blood vessels. MAO inhibitors interfere with its normal breakdown, and by snacking on pills with cheese, you can have a stroke.

6. Don’t drop the medication as soon as you feel better. It’s about like knocking the enemy out of the trenches with tanks and mortars, forcing him to retreat behind a ravine, and then settling down and going to set nets for pikeperch.