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Interesting Facts About Napoleon Bonaparte – His name has became a symbol of the leadership & the talent. It also symbolized the incredible ambition, as well as fantastic career of its owner.
Napoleon began his military career at the age of 16.  After the series of brilliant victories, he has become a general in 24. At the age of 34, Napoleon Bonaparte mounted the throne as an Emperor.
Napoleon had many unusual abilities. For example, he read very as quickly as 2,000 words per minute. Napoleon could sleep only 2-3 hours a day. He could remember 1000’s of his soldiers & inferiors by their names.
1. Napoleon scruple of his growth and effeminate body, therefore (as the result of this phobia) all of the inferiors were low and fat, while all the tall and strong soldiers had no chance to make a career as Emperor’s staff.
2. During the wedding night, young Napoleon and Josephine were so passionate about the process, that Josephine’s dog thought that the owner was under attack. Her dog burst inside Napoleon’s bedroom and bitten his leg.
3. There was a case, when Napoleon noticed a soldier, sleeping in a guard post. Instead to punish the him, Napoleon took up his weapon and stood on guard post in place of a soldier. This action does not illustrate the kindness of Napoleon. It rather demonstrates an outstanding intellect and good judgment of the senior officer. Such actions helped Napoleon to become popular very quickly among the soldiers.
4. During the Egyptian campaign, Napoleon unexpectedly left his army and hastily returned to Paris. He brought back a giant statue of Seth. This statue, as said, could open the path to unlimited power for its owner. Another interesting fact is that during the war of 1812, when the statue was transported across the Seine, as a result of the accident, the statue drowned. After this incident, there was a chronological turning point in the war, and Napoleon lost all its influence and power.
5. Everybody knows that Napoleon was poisoned with arsenic. But was it really arsenic? In that times, arsenic was widely used in both industrial and medical purposes.We can’t exclude the possibility that Napoleon was poisoned by an incompetent doctor, who prescribed pills (which contained arsenic) to Napoleon. Another version suggests that Napoleon was afraid of being poisoned, and, according to the popular theory of the time, took small doses of arsenic to develop immunity to the poison. Naturally, such a procedure would inevitably ended tragically.
6. The United States must thank Napoleon for Louisiana, as he sold this territory to US, because he urgently needed money at that time. Napoleon believed, that protecting this heritage from the British North America in that region – it is unwise. Louisiana Purchase transformed the U.S. into a great power.
7. It is known that Napoleon loved Italian operas, especially «Romeo and Juliet», but he never applauded in the theater. The audience also did not dare to applaud.Once, a singer sang an Krementini aria «Ombra adorata aspetta» so excellent, that the Minister of the Italian kingdom, graph More Kalki, broke the silence and shouted «bravo» several times!Then he came to his senses, got up from his chair and crawled on all fours out of the lounge.
8. Everyone will agree with the fact that Napoleon Bonaparte was a brave and resolute man, but few people know that Napoleon was deathly afraid of cats!
9. Napoleon loved hats. During his reign, he bore 170 unique hats. Moreover, emperor created one model of a hats himself. It was a small hat, made of felt, with a tricolor cockade, which, ironically, coincided with the modern Russian flag colors.
10. Probably very few people know, that the appearance of uniform sleeves buttons is attributed to Napoleon. The Emperor did it with one purpose – he wanted to wean his soldiers to wipe their noses – it’s annoyed him too much.
11. Biography of Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler are quite different, but some magic numbers are really amazing!All significant events in their lives – the birth, the first steps in the power, the conquest of the Austrian capital, and, finally, defeated in wars – have occurred with a difference of 129 years.
12. Napoleon was known not only by fearlessness (except cats), but also by cruelty.Once, a cannonball, which was about to explode fell close to Napoleon. All brave generals surrounding Napoleon immediately dispersed.In order to teach a lesson in courage for generals, Napoleon on horseback came straight to the cannonball. He stopped on horseback right over cannonball.There was a deafening explosion, horse torn to shreds, fell dead. Napoleon was still alive and unharmed, and demanded a new horse.
13. Napoleon often slept during the most important and crucial battles. Very often, he repeated: «Tomorrow night brings advice». He slept about 2-3 hours per night.Before his magnificent triumph (the battle of Austerlitz), he slept so deeply that he barely awakened.In the midst of the Wagram battle, at the decisive moment, he he commanded to bring the bearskin, lay down on it and felt asleep.Waking up in twenty minutes, he continued to give orders, as if nothing had happened.