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25 unexpected facts about water

Water is a substance that we encounter many times a day. It is part of drinks; it is used to clean the apartment. In nature, water surrounds us almost everywhere: there are rivers, lakes, and someone who lives on the shores of the sea or ocean is especially lucky.

It would seem that a substance with the chemical formula H2O can no longer surprise us. However, this is far from being the case. Scientists still regularly study the properties of water and make more and more astonishing discoveries. Discover 25 unexpected facts about water. See how many riddles and mysteries this simple substance can hold.

1. Water covers approximately 70% of planet Earth. But only 1% of this water is drinkable!

2. Worldwide, 1 billion 100 million people have no access to water at all. Aren’t we lucky people?

3. The human need for water is extremely high. It is second only to oxygen. Water is necessary for life. A person can survive for up to 6 weeks without food, but only 1 week without water.

4. Most people do not drink enough water per day, not to mention its quality.

5. According to medics and psychologists, it is enough to drink 2 glasses of clean water to overcome depression and fatigue.

6. According to doctors, water helps to increase blood pressure.

7. Reducing the amount of water in the body by 2% can lead to a decrease in mental and physical performance by 20%.

8. American nutritionists recommend getting rid of excess weight with the help of the “water” diet, gaining more and more popularity in the West. I discovered it that when there is a lack of fluid, the body signals the brain similar to those of hunger. As a result, people eat when they should drink!

Drinking 2-2.5 liters of water each day helps to suppress the feeling of hunger and reduce food intake. But it is pure water that should be drunk, because even tea or coffee contains active ingredients that are not suitable for dieting.

9. It is recommended to drink water in small portions, evenly distributed throughout the day.

10. A person drinks on average 35 tons of water during his entire life.

11. Water can reduce the risk of a heart attack if a person drinks over 5 glasses a day. However, only pure drinking water has these properties.

12. If you drink alcohol and are a tea and coffee drinker, drink more clean water. When consuming these drinks, your kidneys work at full capacity, thus creating the threat of dehydration.

13. A few simple rules of drinking fluids: Never drink tap water. You can only drink filtered water, and if there is no filter at home, leave the tap water on ice overnight, so that the chlorine disappears from it.

Do not boil the water more than once, the second boiling releases dioxin, a poisonous substance that causes cancer.

This last point seems surprising, since many people have the habit of boiling repeatedly.

Watermelon is 93% water

14. One of the most watery foods is watermelon. It is 93% water.

15. There are about 3 million cubic kilometers of fresh water on our planet. Every day 1 trillion tons of water evaporates from the surface of the Earth.

16. The chemical compound H2O in its pure form does not exist in nature.

17. Water is a universal solvent; it dissolves everything it encounters along the way.

18. According to UNESCO, the purest water in the world is in Finland. A study conducted in 122 countries considered the quality and quantity of fresh water.

19. The most dangerous water in the world is in Sicily (where the Mafia is!) in one lake. From the bottom of the lake come two springs of concentrated acid that poison the water.

20. There is flammable water in Azerbaijan! A match will ignite the water with a blue flame because of the presence of methane.

21. There is an ink lake in Algeria. You can write on paper with the water of this lake, and the ink never runs out!

22. There is a lake in Antarctica whose water is 11 times saltier than seawater and can only freeze at -50 degrees Celsius!

23. It is customary to draw a water drop as round at the bottom and elongated at the top, but this is artistic liberty. In fact, the water droplets have a spherical shape, slightly flattened because of excess air pressure if the droplet travels at high speed. And the bigger the drop, the more it flattens out, inflating on the sides.

24. Everyone knows the 3 different states of water (liquid, solid, and gaseous). Contrary to this belief, scientists distinguish 5 states in liquid form and 14 states in solid form.

25. In chemistry exams, sneaky teachers sometimes ask a seemingly ridiculous question: does water burn? Don’t fall into the trap! The correct answer is that water burns in an atmosphere of fluoride.

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