Incredible facts about the senses

Posted on Apr 21, 2022      141

Incredible facts about the sensory organs do not leave anyone indifferent to our website visitors. The human body is an incredibly complex mechanism, which is still being studied by scientists. Many people do not even suspect how we can distinguish sounds, aromas, tastes, etc.

So, here are the most incredible facts about the human senses.

Facts about Eyes and Sight

You may be surprised, but through the eyesight a person receives about 90% of all information that comes to the brain. Here are just some interesting facts about vision:

  • The muscles that control the eyes are the most active muscles in our body;
  • a person can’t sneeze without closing their eye;
  • the average person blinks 15 to 20 times a minute;
  • in our body only the cornea is not supplied with oxygen;
  • our eyes can’t freeze because they have no nerve endings;
  • one in a hundred people on the planet have pupils of different colors;
  • one in three people cannot see objects 6-7 meters away;
  • men have less lateral vision than women;
  • Each person’s iris is unique and can be used for personal identification.

Facts about ears and hearing

  • when we put a seashell to our ear, we hear blood pulsing through our veins, not the sound of the surf;
  • ears continue to grow throughout life;
  • the human ear can distinguish up to 4,000 sounds of varying frequency;
  • after a heavy meal, our hearing is dulled;
  • The best sound background for humans is up to 50 decibels (quiet communication). All sounds above this threshold overload our body and reduce immunity;
  • Toddlers can hear sounds up to 20,000 Hertz, while adults can only hear up to 15,000 Hertz.

Facts about the tongue and taste

  • There are about 5,000 taste buds on the surface of the tongue;
  • There are 16 muscles that make the tongue move;
  • Every tongue print is unique, just like fingerprints;
  • the color of the tongue, the doctor can identify several diseases.

Facts about the nose and smell

  • the nose contains up to 11 million olfactory cells;
  • the nose continues to grow throughout life;
  • A person can breathe through only one nostril;
  • a pleasant aroma helps to relax the central nervous system;
  • one in 50 people on the planet has no or very poor sense of smell;
  • the human nose detects about 50,000 smells, while the canine nose is millions of times more sensitive.

Facts about skin and touch

  • A compound called melanin handles skin color. The less melanin, the lighter the skin;
  • An albino is a person who lacks melanin;
  • A person’s sense of touch comes first and is the last to go;
  • insects are the most likely to bite the skin on their feet;
  • the top layer of skin is completely renewed every month;
  • the thickest skin is on the feet;
  • the thinnest skin is on the eyelids and eardrums;
  • about half a liter of fluid a day is expelled from our bodies through our skin;
  • indoor dust consists largely of keratinized skin residue.

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