Interesting facts about Charles Perrault

Posted on Mar 12, 2022      107

To most people, Charles Perrault is a famous storyteller, although in fact his literary role was much, much broader. He was both a talented critic and a great poet who composed serious, profound works. However, in this capacity he is somewhat less known, but Charles Perrault’s fairy tales for children were distributed all over the world, having been translated into dozens of popular languages.

Facts from the biography of Charles Perrault.

  • The father of the future poet and storyteller was a judge in Paris.
  • Charles Perrault had a twin brother, but he died at six months. He had four more older brothers and sisters.
  • In his youth, Charles studied at college, but never finished it, dropping out.
  • At one time, he worked first as a lawyer and then as a clerk in his brother’s office. He was a lawyer for a full five years.
  • Charles Perrault’s first work was the poem “The Walls of Troy, or the Origin of Burlesque,” which he wrote at the age of 15.
  • The most famous milestone of his work is “The Tales of the Mother Goose.” Poetry, however, did not bring Charles Perrault popularity, and his poems were never particularly highly regarded by critics.
  • Charles’s brother named Claude, was a famous architect. He even took part in the work on the facade of the Paris Louvre.
  • Perrault’s original tales were repeatedly edited, as they originally contained quite a lot of gory details.
  • For a long time, Charles Perrault held a position at the French Academy of Inscriptions and Fine Dictionaries.
  • Influential in high society, he had a weight in the arts policy of French King Louis XIV.

  • Charles Perrault’s famous fairy tales were published under the authorship of his son, who took the pseudonym Pierre d’Armancourt. It later became known that the author of most of them was Charles himself, but he resorted to this means to allow his son to enter high society as a man of letters.
  • Many of his tales about Charles Perrault did not compose himself-he wrote down folk tales and sometimes twisted them.
  • The writer’s son was arrested and convicted of accidentally killing a man during a fight. Charles Perrault, thanks to his influence, got him out of jail and send him into the army, away from the condemning society, but his son soon died in one battle.
  • He dedicated his Tales of the Mother Goose to the Princess of Orleans. This book was the first in the world written specifically for children.
  • The writer had three sons and one daughter by marriage.
  • Charles Perrault himself in his old age repeatedly said that he would have been better off if he had never started writing fairy tales, because they, in his own words, ruined his life.
  • Many great composers have composed operas based on Perrault’s tales. And Tchaikovsky even wrote music for the ballet “Sleeping Beauty”.
  • Only one fairy tale in the collection, Mother Goose’s Tales, was completely composed by Charles Perrault himself. The rest are literary treatments of folk art.