Interesting facts about Chernobyl

Posted on Mar 31, 2022      78

Interesting facts about Chernobyl are a great opportunity to learn more about the largest disasters in the history of humanity. Although the infamous accident occurred during the Soviet era, its consequences are still visible today. The radiation released from the exploded reactor led to the death of thousands of people, animals and birds, as well as caused serious damage to the environment.

So, here are the most interesting facts about Chernobyl.

24 interesting facts about Chernobyl

1. Chernobyl was founded back in 1193.

2. The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is the largest in the history of nuclear energy. It is also considered the largest in terms of economic damage.

3. Before the accident, the city had approximately 13,000 inhabitants.

4. An interesting fact is that there are currently about 1,500 people living in Chernobyl. Most of them are employees of various institutions and enterprises.

5. Chernobyl itself is located 12 km from the nuclear plant.

6. Today, the city of Pripyat is a huge open-air museum, which can be visited only if you have permission.

7. Until the 20th century 70% of the population of Chernobyl was Jewish.

8. The town owes its name to the plant Chernobyl.

9. Near Pripyat, there is the Red Forest, which is considered the most radioactive on the planet. It received this name because after the accident the leaves of the trees turned from green to red.

10. Did you know that despite the catastrophe, the operation of the 3 surviving power units was only completely stopped after many years had passed?

11. In 2017, a group of Polish enthusiasts launched a Ferris wheel in Pripyat, which had not moved since 1986.

12. After the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the radioactive release into the atmosphere was about 50 million curies. This is equivalent to the detonation of 500 atomic bombs similar to those the Americans dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

13. In 2016, a new sarcophagus was built over the destroyed reactor because the old one had fallen into disrepair.

14. An interesting fact is that the 4th reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which was burning after the explosion, could only be extinguished two weeks later.

15. On the first day after the tragedy, 134 people were diagnosed with radiation sickness. These were mostly liquidators, firefighters and plant employees.

16. You may be surprised, but from the damaged power unit only 3% of radioactive substances were released into the atmosphere. The remaining 97% is still under the sarcophagus.

17. Because of the high levels of radiation, approximately 50 km² of the area has become uninhabitable.

18. Interestingly, although the catastrophe occurred in Ukraine, approximately 70% of the release from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant occurred in Belarus.

19. The material damage from the Chernobyl accident is estimated at $235 billion!

20. In 2014, the famous British band Pink Floyd filmed a video clip in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

21. To eliminate the consequences of the Chernobyl tragedy, the Soviet government employed about 600,000 people, including military and civilians.

22.As a result of the Chernobyl accident, 8.5 million people received some kind of dose of radioactive radiation.

23. An interesting fact is that the entire population - over 115,000 residents - was evacuated from the 30-kilometer exclusion zone around the nuclear plant.

24. Since the Chernobyl catastrophe was only reported to residents 10-12 hours later, many people received huge doses of radiation, which they could have avoided if they had been evacuated quickly.