Interesting facts about Churchill

Posted on Aug 20, 2021      100

Winston Churchill, who was certainly an extraordinary and interesting personality, is often referred to as the greatest Briton in history. He lived a long and full life, although he risked it many times and cared little about his health. Perhaps this is the exception that proves the rule.

Churchill’s biographical facts

  • Until his death, he never gave up smoking. The future politician got addicted to this nasty habit in Cuba, where he once served as a war correspondent.
  • During the military conflict in Africa, Churchill was captured and imprisoned, but escaped.
  • In 2002, the BBC conducted a poll in which most respondents called Winston Churchill “the greatest Briton in history”.
  • The famous politician succeeded in many endeavors. Not everyone knows that he was a brilliant writer, and even won the Nobel Prize for Literature.
  • During the Anglo-Boer War in what is now South Africa, the Boers put a bounty of 25 pounds sterling on the head of Churchill, who had annoyed them. He was even insulted because his salary at the time was ten times that amount.
  • Churchill preferred strong Cuban cigars. Knowing this, he was often given them as gifts, and he himself bought them regularly, constantly having a stock of several thousand pieces.

  • A little known fact - Winston Churchill was also a painter, and so gifted that his paintings were exhibited in the Louvre. But, wishing to remain anonymous, he signed them with the pseudonym “Charles Morin”.
  • He was no stranger to humor. Once, at an official meeting with a bunch of dignitaries, a server serving drinks accidentally poured champagne over the head of the then balding politician. The politician was not outraged, but simply asked if the waiter was sure that it would help him stop going bald.
  • The politician had a phenomenal memory, knowing by heart most of the works of William Shakespeare, who was one of his favorite writers.
  • Pablo Picasso, one of the greatest artists in history, once said that Churchill could have been one of the best painters in the world had he not “ruined his talent by choosing politics over painting”.
  • Although Winston Churchill was born two months prematurely, he suffered almost no health problems during his life and lived until he was 90 years old.
  • His full name was Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill.
  • He was an honorary member of the British Academy of Sciences.
  • The politician built his country mansion with his own hands. He was very knowledgeable in construction and was a hardworking and experienced stonemason.
  • Churchill valued very highly cognac, and most preferred the varieties produced in Armenia.
  • He wrote more works than Scott and Dickens, two famous British writers put together.
  • During his life, Churchill built a military career and rose to the rank of colonel, having fought in every part of the world except North America and Australia.
  • In his autobiography, he mentioned that the closest person in his family was his nanny, who raised him, rather than his parents, who never paid enough attention to him.
  • At the end of the nineteenth century, corporal punishment was still used in British schools against negligent pupils. Young Winston often got it, as he had problems with discipline at the time.
  • Churchill’s father was of noble birth. His mother was an American from the United States.
  • He failed in school, so his parents gave up on his education, thinking that their son was useless, anyway.

  • Churchill always rested after lunch. He got the habit of siesta, an afternoon rest, in the same place where he got the habit of cigars - Cuba.
  • On his final school examination, he ranked last in the class in terms of his grades.
  • All his life, Winston Churchill was a fierce opponent of Bolshevism, and called for the prevention of the spread of this ideology.
  • The Cold War between the USSR and the United States began in 1946, after Churchill’s speech in the United States, when he openly criticized communism.
  • Winston Churchill wrote the script for his funeral himself in advance. His will was done, and his funeral was the largest in British history.
  • Once at a public speech, he supported his arguments with many figures. After the speech, one of his close friends said that it must have taken at least six months to gather such detailed information. Churchill laughed and replied that was how long it would take his political opponents to figure out that he had made it all up.