Interesting facts about Czech Republic

Posted on Mar 9, 2022      180

Amazing country Czech Republic is incredibly popular among tourists, and for a reason - its appearance is truly unique, and this is true not only for Prague, but for all Czech regions. Ancient castles, tended nature, delicious cuisine - it’s beautiful! By the way, many people come here to earn money rather than to relax, because the salaries here are also quite good.

Facts about the Czech Republic

  • On three sides of the country is surrounded by mountains.
  • By the number of preserved castles, Czech Republic ranks first in the world. There are over two thousand of them!
  • The Czech capital, Prague, suffered practically no damage either in the First or in the Second World War.
  • In the Czech Republic, an ambulance comes to the house only in the most important cases, and patients get to a hospital on their own.
  • Refined sugar as cubes, as we all know it was invented in the 17th century.

  • Some words in Czech comprise only consonants. However, not only in Czech - also in related Slovak and Serbian.
  • It is considered quite normal for locals to blow their nose in public, unashamedly. In China, too, by the way.
  • The Czech town of Rabstein is the smallest in Europe, with only 15 permanent residents. But many Czechs have summer houses here.
  • Three quarters of all cars in the Czech Republic are ŠKODA.
  • It was a Czech inventor in 1959 who invented soft contact lenses made of silicone.
  • Pharmacies and pet stores are everywhere, literally on every corner. The only place you’d expect to find more than a brewery.
  • Founded in the 14th century, Charles University is the oldest in Central Europe and the Czech Republic, and one of the oldest in the world.
  • There are almost no homeless animals in this country.
  • The Czech Republic grips the first place in the world in terms of beer consumption.
  • In old times, the Czech territories were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Roman Empire.
  • Hockey is the most popular sport in the Czech Republic. Czech team has won the world championship in this sport six times.
  • Prague Zoo is among the ten best in the world.
  • Thanks to similarities in languages, Russians find it easier to learn Czech than residents of most other countries.
  • Sidewalks in Czech Republic are often paved with cobblestones, so high-heeled shoes are not too popular among local women of fashion.

  • Public transport here is never late. Well, almost never.
  • It was in the Czech Republic where yogurt was invented.
  • The famous Czech church, Kostnica, is built almost entirely from human bones.
  • Wanting to show the number “one,” Czechs show a protruding thumb instead of the index finger.
  • In the historical districts of Prague, residents are forbidden to install plastic window frames, satellite dishes and air conditioners so as not to spoil the look of the city.
  • Water in the Czech Republic is safe to drink from the tap, it is clean and safe enough.
  • The most popular street food here is Chinese cuisine. It is inexpensive and the portions are huge.
  • Because of the high prices of products in supermarkets in the Czech Republic is often cheaper to eat in a cafe than to cook yourself.
  • 87 airports operate on the territory of this country.
  • Each year, the Czech Republic produces over 1.25 million cars. This is more than in any other European country.
  • More than half of the Czechs are not religious at all.
  • In all Eastern Europe, only Slovenia is richer than the Czech Republic. However, both countries live well.
  • Euros are not accepted for payment here. Exchange them for Czech crowns.