Interesting facts about Denmark

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The Kingdom of Denmark is a very interesting country, as well as the rest of Scandinavia. Long gone was the time when the fierce Vikings from this land caused terror in half of Europe. Nowadays, Denmark is one of the most stable, quiet, safe and prosperous states.

Facts about Denmark

  • Besides the main possessions, Denmark also includes many islands - 409 of the local archipelago, plus Greenland, plus the Faroe Islands.
  • It was here that fingerprints were first used to prove a suspect’s guilt. This happened back in 1902.
  • Denmark owns the largest island in the world - the aforementioned Greenland.
  • The Danish flag is the oldest one in the world. The first mentions of it date back to the 13th century.

  • Denmark has the world’s oldest amusement park, Tivoli. It was inspired by Walt Disney, creating his Disneyland.
  • There is no penalty increase for trying to escape from the local prison. Local laws are because the desire for freedom is a natural part of man and cannot be punished for it.
  • The Faroe Islands, formerly belonging to Norway, were ceded to Denmark after the Danish king won them at cards from the Norwegian.
  • Copenhagen’s Stroget is the longest pedestrian street and also the oldest pedestrian zone in the world.
  • Bicycles are almost as popular as they are in the Netherlands.
  • Danes gets up early and goes to bed early. The working day for most people here begins at 8 am and ends at 4 pm.
  • Total taxes associated with owning a car in Denmark are comparable to the cost of the car itself.
  • It was that the famous LEGO set was invented.
  • In Denmark, there are no strong frosts and no heat. Almost all year round, the temperature here ranges from cool to more or less warm.
  • Bicycles are twice as much as cars.
  • Denmark has a land border with only one country - with Germany.
  • The Danes can easily eat herring with cold milk.

  • Every cab is equipped with a special device for carrying a bicycle.
  • Swimming in Denmark is a compulsory school program.
  • Danes are not afraid of the cold weather. Some calmly swim in the water, the temperature of which does not exceed 8-10 degrees.
  • The most famous Dane is the writer Hans Christian Andersen, whose books have been translated into 125 different languages.
  • Denmark was the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage.
  • The Danish monarchy is the oldest in Europe.
  • Most Danes are not religious at all.
  • The birth rate in Denmark is the lowest among European countries, and one of the lowest in the world.
  • The gap in wealth between the richest and the poorest citizens of the country is the smallest in the world.
  • Choosing the name for their child, the Danish parents have to choose it from the list of allowed names, of which there are about 7 thousand. If they want to call a name that is not on the list, they have to get a special permission first.
  • Almost all Danes speak good English. Many also speak Norwegian and German.
  • The monthly stipend for students in Denmark is about 900 euros.
  • Almost all buildings are no higher than five floors. Actually, it is six, but the first floor is considered “ground zero”.

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