Interesting facts about Dickens

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The fame of Charles Dickens thundered throughout the English-speaking world during the lifetime of this famous writer. His work has not gone unnoticed in the rest of the world - the works of Dickens have been translated into many languages, and today there are regular editions. The classics never age, and in his lifetime Dickens wrote many fine, deep, thoughtful novels, not to mention all the other works that came out of his pen.

Facts from the biography of Charles Dickens

  • The future writer was born into a large family. His parents had eight children, of whom he was almost the oldest.
  • As a child, Charles Dickens attended a Baptist school.
  • The first place of work of the future writer, even in his youth, was a factory for the production of wax, shoe polish.
  • When Dickens was a child, his family moved to London. However, life in the capital turned out to be expensive, which eventually led to the fact that Charles’s father was imprisoned for debt. To make matters worse, his wife was arrested by him.
  • Since his parents were in prison, Charles Dickens lived there with them on his days off. The rest of the time, he lived at work.

  • It is unknown how Dickens’ life might have turned out if not for the inheritance his father received while he was in prison. This gave him the opportunity to be released, and later even to find a good job as a reporter for a newspaper.
  • Although his family gained his freedom, at his mother’s insistence, Charles Dickens was left to live and work in the factory where he worked. Judging from his biography, this hurt him deeply, and left an imprint on the rest of his life.
  • After working in the factory, he trained as a clerk and worked in a law office. But Charles Dickens’ first job, close to literature, was to work as a newspaper reporter.
  • His first works were essays in the newspaper.
  • The novel “Posthumous Notes of the Pickwick Club,” the first written by Dickens, brought him notoriety and resounding success.
  • The famous writer Oscar Wilde had a low opinion of Dickens’ work.
  • With his excellent diction and acting skills, at one time Dickens earned extra money on literary evenings, where he read his works for the audience.
  • Even during his lifetime, Charles Dickens became the most popular English-speaking writer in the world.

  • Dickens had a rather strange feature that accompanied him throughout his life - he sometimes fell into a trance and stopped responding to everything that was going on around him.
  • In the United States, the books of Charles Dickens were also very popular, but the novel “Martin Chaslwith”, which ridiculed American society, caused a storm of outrage against him.
  • Dickens had a habit of rubbing his hat in his hands when he had a feeling of déjà vu. It happened to him often, and hats did not survive long in his closet. Tired of constantly buying new hats, he eventually stopped wearing them altogether.
  • At the end of the XX century, his portrait was even placed on the banknote of 10 English pounds.
  • Charles Dickens wrote 16 full-length novels and many smaller works.
  • Superstition was an integral part of Dickens’ life. In particular, he always went to bed with his head strictly to the north, and all items he touched three times.
  • Born into a large family, Charles Dickens loved children. He had 10 of them.
  • Another of his strange habits was drinking a little hot water as he worked, every 50 lines of text he wrote.
  • The London house where he lived is now a museum named after him.
  • In his will, Charles Dickens requested that no monuments be erected to him. However, his will was broken, and there are monuments to him now in four countries.
  • During his lifetime, Dickens said more than once that he saw and heard the characters of his books when he described them in manuscripts.
  • Dickens’ works have been the subject of many film adaptations. About one hundred and eighty films, cartoons and television series based on his work were made.

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