Interesting facts about Einstein

Posted on Mar 11, 2022      192

If you remember eminent scientists, one of the first to be mentioned will undoubtedly be Albert Einstein. This brilliant man made a truly invaluable contribution to the development of various sciences, especially physics. He also planned the famous theory of relativity, although work in this direction was carried out before him. Being a scientist truly extraordinary, Albert Einstein devoted his whole life to scientific activity, and his entire history is a struggle with nature itself, with the conservatism of the scientific community and with himself.

Facts from Einstein’s biography

  • Einstein was an excellent high school student. He was so good at math that he studied calculus at age 12, three years earlier than usual. At 15, Einstein wrote an advanced essay that became the basis for his later work in the theory of relativity.
  • Albert Einstein loved sports. Except for swimming, which he called the sport that required the least energy.
  • Einstein is the author of about 300 works on physics, and the author of over 150 books in other sciences.
  • Besides the theory of relativity, Einstein has several other inventions on his account. Among them, for example, a gyrocompass and an improved model of a hearing aid.
  • Entering the polytechnic, the student Einstein very often skipped lectures, instead reading magazines with the latest scientific theories in cafes.
  • Einstein agreed to have his brain examined after his death.
  • Albert Einstein spoke harshly about science fiction and advised against reading it, as he was convinced that it distorted science and gave reader’s false ideas about it.

  • Einstein was an ardent teetotaller and welcomed the introduction of prohibition in the United States, but he could not give up smoking.
  • Few people know Einstein proposed a refrigerator that has no moving parts, requires no electricity and uses the energy of low-power heating devices for its operation.
  • Einstein was passionate about sailing throughout his life. He often loved sailing all alone.
  • Einstein adored women, and women adored Einstein. Romantic letters, painful breakups, marriage to a cousin, countless adulteries... It is very easy to get confused in the love affairs of a genius.
  • The political views of the famous scientist were moderately leftist, which was the reason for the FBI’s attention to him. From the day Einstein moved to the United States, the service had been secretly monitoring him, looking through his letters and recording his phone conversations. By the time of his death, his file numbered 1,427 pages. The version that Einstein was a Soviet spy was seriously considered, and for some time there was even a threat to expel the scientist from the country.
  • Einstein was very fond of good movies and especially Charlie Chaplin movies. Once, after seeing the film “Gold Rush”, the genius of science sent the young director a letter praising the picture, noting that it is understandable to everyone, and assured Chaplin that he would surely become a great man. And after a while he received a witty reply: “You arouse in me even more admiration! After all, you have created a theory that no one understands, and despite that, you became great!”.
  • The funniest photo of Einstein - with his tongue hanging out - was taken by photo reporter Arthur Sasse during the celebration of the scientist’s 72nd birthday. Sass, so annoyed by the birthday boy with his camera that he rewarded him with a grimace. When the film was developed, Einstein loved the picture.
  • Einstein failed his college entrance exam. Before he got to the Aargau, where the myth of poor studies came from, he tried to enter the Federal Polytechnic School in Switzerland. Although he passed his examinations in mathematics and physics admirably, he scored poorly on some non-science subjects, especially French.
  • Albert Einstein was a staunch pacifist.
  • After receiving his diploma, Einstein was employed as an expert in the patent office. Because the young expert’s technical evaluation most often took about 10 minutes, he spent a lot of time developing his theories.
  • In 1952, he became the president of Israel, but he respectfully declined, referring to his inexperience in the matter.

  • One of the Israeli banknotes shows a portrait of Albert Einstein.
  • Einstein was a lifelong member of the Montreal Pipe Smoking Club.
  • Einstein’s parents were against his first marriage.
  • It is said that Einstein was not very tidy and once made the following statement about it: “When I was young, I learned that my big toe always ends up with a hole in the sock. So I stopped wearing socks.”
  • Einstein also invented a blouse that had two sets of buttons sewn parallel to each other. One set of buttons would fit a thin man, and the other would fit a larger man.
  • Einstein began playing the violin at 6.
  • In the 1920s, a campaign against Einstein began in Berlin. The speeches and attacks of anti-Semitic scientists were conducted under the plausible pretext of criticizing the theory of relativity. The authorities responded with silence to the persecution of the scientist. After Hitler came to power in 1933, Einstein was forced to flee to the United States.
  • Einstein may have been a brilliant scientist, but he was far from perfect. In fact, he made at least seven mistakes in various proofs of E = mc^2.
  • Einstein’s second wife was his third cousin.
  • For an autograph, Einstein asked people for one dollar. All the money thus collected he sent to charity.
  • Albert Einstein is one founder of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
  • Einstein and the composer Hanns Eisler once found themselves together in the same company. The hosts knew Einstein was good on the violin and asked him to play with Eisler. The composer agreed. Einstein tuned his violin, but... nothing came of it. No matter how many times Eisler played the intro, Einstein couldn’t hit the beat. Eisler got up from behind the piano and said: “I don’t understand why the entire world thinks a man who can’t count to three is great!”
  • On the eve of his death, Einstein was offered an operation, but he refused, saying that “artificially prolonging life makes no sense.”
  • Einstein’s last words remained a mystery. When he was already dying in the hospital, an American nurse was sitting next to him, and his last words he spoke in German, and she didn’t understand him.