Interesting facts about Elizabeth II

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Queen Elizabeth II is a symbol of the whole of Great Britain. The monarchy has long been only an honorary tradition, and the actual power is concentrated in the hands of Parliament. However, all Englishmen are very fond of the royal family, and the intelligent and charming Elizabeth II is respected by all the people. During her long life, she has already proved to the entire world that she is an honorable symbol of the country for a reason, being a true embodiment of good manners.

Facts from the life of Elizabeth II

  • She heads not only Great Britain but also several other states that were once British colonies. New Zealand and Great Britain are among them, and Elizabeth II is the reigning monarch in 15 independent countries.
  • In addition, she is also head of the Anglican Church and commander-in-chief of the British armed forces. Nominal, of course.
  • As of 2018, Elizabeth II is the world’s oldest head of state.
  • Elizabeth II was not always loved as she is now. She was once criticized by many Englishmen, but over time she has gained popular love.
  • She has no passport, since these documents in Great Britain are issued in the royal name. And the reigning monarch may not have a passport.
  • Elizabeth II’s wedding dress was so heavy she couldn’t move. Eventually, she had to ask the Archbishop to give her a little push.
  • If the queen shifts her purse from hand to hand during a conversation with someone, it means the interlocutor is boring her. But she is too polite and tactful to say so.
  • London has a centuries-old right to refuse entry to Elizabeth II, and the same ancient agreement obliges her to request permission to enter the city every time. No refusal, of course, has ever happened in history.
  • Throughout history, Elizabeth II has only cried in public a few times.

  • Once, in 1991, a security guard wouldn’t let her into the VIP box at an event. He later said he didn’t recognize the queen and thought “Grandma just got lost.”
  • Throughout her reign, Elizabeth II has opened sessions of Parliament. There have only been two exceptions, when she was pregnant.
  • In the mid-1950s, Elizabeth II embarked on a six-month round-the-world voyage. She was the first reigning monarch to travel around the world on a single tour.
  • In 1981, during a parade, a cadet repeatedly shot at Elizabeth II as she rode on horseback, but the bullets were blank, something he himself was well aware of. He himself later confessed that he wanted to be famous that way.
  • Never once in her countless appearances in public did Elizabeth II remove her outer clothing.
  • She only three times went out in public in pants. The rest of the time, the Queen wears skirts.
  • Once, when she was walking around London dressed modestly, a group of tourists, who did not recognize her, asked if she had seen the queen.
  • Etiquette dictates that the queen must not appear in public twice in the same dress, but Elizabeth II has broken that rule several times.
  • In Germany in 1992, a mob threw eggs at the visiting queen.

  • For years, Elizabeth II hid the fact that she had two cousins who were mentally handicapped. They were kept in a special boarding school.
  • As a young queen, she trained as a mechanic.
  • Elizabeth II is a very good shot. This skill she also mastered in her younger years.
  • Once she starred in one of the James Bond films.
  • According to a long tradition, the English monarch celebrates her birthday twice - on the actual day, and in summer, when it is warm and nice outside. The real birthday of Elizabeth II is celebrated with her family, and on the official day she gives a big reception.
  • In 1940, when World War II broke out, the 14-year-old Elizabeth made her first public appearance on the radio with words of encouragement.
  • As a young girl, Elizabeth II was an excellent swimmer. She is even a certified lifeguard on the water.
  • During the Queen’s reign, seven Popes and 12 British Prime Ministers were replaced.
  • Throughout her life, Elizabeth II has been inundated with a hail of letters. Every day she is read several dozens of messages chosen at random, and she always responds to them. She has responded to about three million letters in all that time.
  • By law, no one may touch the queen. However, frequently, other statesmen have violated this prohibition by embracing Elizabeth II at official meetings.
  • English law exempts the monarch from paying taxes. However, for several decades now, Elizabeth II has voluntarily paid taxes, income tax and property tax.


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