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The French writer and poet Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was an extremely gifted personality, and in a variety of areas. Being a fiery patriot of his native country, he became a famous military pilot, while continuing his literary activities, and fought on the fronts of World War II, where he died. However, during his life, Exupery created many literary masterpieces, which are rightly recognized as a heritage of world cultural heritage.

Facts from Exupery’s biography

  • The writer came from an ancient noble family.
  • As a child, Antoine de Saint-Exupery was affectionately called “Tonio” by his parents.
  • He was the third of his parents’ five children, and it was he who made his family name famous throughout the world.
  • When Exupery was only four years old, his father died suddenly. Since it was necessary to look after the children, it was decided that he would live with his grandmother and great-aunt for half a year. Later, his mother did move to the town of Le Mans and took both him and the rest of her children with her.
  • Antoine de Saint-Exupery received a religious education, first at the Christian Brothers School and then at the Jesuit College.

  • The sky was his passion throughout Exupery’s life. He took to the air for the first time when he was 12 years old. He was taken for a ride in his airplane by the famous French pilot G. Wroblewski.
  • In his youth, de Saint-Exupery studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in the Department of Architecture.
  • Realizing his dream of the sky, he became first a civil pilot and then a military pilot.
  • Even as a child, Antoine de Saint-Exupery tried to assemble an airplane, or rather a glider, from plywood, wire and sheets.
  • His love for flying was also reflected in his work. His first published work was called “The Aviator”.
  • When Exupery was 23, he had a plane crash and was seriously injured. After recovery, he was discharged, and it was then that he engaged in literature, having moved to Paris.
  • One day later, Exupery realized a long-held dream and to fly his own plane, which he had purchased for this purpose, from France to Vietnam. But it was not fated to come true - midway, the plane crashed over Libya, and the writer miraculously survived. He almost died of thirst in the desert, but he was lucky - the local nomads accidentally found him and rescued him.
  • His second serious accident occurred while trying to fly from New York to Tierra del Fuego, crashing in Guatemala.
  • For his contribution to the development of civil aviation, Exupery was awarded the French Order of the Legion of Honor.
  • For a time, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry worked for the postal airlines, making regular flights between France and Africa.
  • During the Spanish Civil War, the writer personally spent a lot of time at the front as a reporter.
  • Antoine de Saint-Exupery was married, but because of several circumstances, most of the time he and his wife lived apart.
  • Exupery’s biography notes that one of his characteristics was his complete inability to lie. Trying to lie, he immediately blushed desperately and confused words.

  • At one time, he worked as a test pilot, and once he almost died during the testing of a new experimental seaplane.
  • During his life, Exupery published seven extensive works and about 15 smaller ones. His most famous novel is the famous “The Little Prince.” This work has been translated into over 180 languages.
  • When World War II began, he enlisted in the Air Force as a volunteer, and more than once took part in air battles with the pilots of the Third Reich.
  • The writer was left-handed, not right-handed, like most people.
  • During his life, Exupery was involved in 15 plane crashes and was shot down in the war. The last time was fatal for him - in 1944 he disappeared without a trace, and only in 2000 the wreckage of the writer’s plane was found on the seabed. He died because of some malfunction, but in 2008 Horst Rippert, a former Luftwaffe pilot, reported that it was he who had shot down Exupery’s plane. The German officer himself was a fan of the French writer, and he simply did not know who he was shooting at. He also stated that he would not have opened fire on the French plane if he had known who was sitting at the wheel.
  • The wreckage of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s plane, in which he made his last combat flight, is preserved at the Aviation Museum in Le Bourges, France.
  • The writer’s body was never found. Only the wreckage of his plane was found, as well as his bracelet, on which the names of Exupery and his wife were engraved.

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