Interesting facts about Greenland

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The vast island of Greenland, although inhabited for a long time, but it is still not very well explored. Most of it is covered by glaciers, and people live mostly on the coast, and they have to survive in really harsh conditions. The culture formed here seems interesting and rational - everything exists in conditions of almost permanent winter.

Facts about Greenland

  • Among all the islands of the world, it is the largest.
  • Before 1900, it was also believed that Greenland was the northernmost island in the world. More recent geographical research has shown that this is not the case.
  • De jure, Greenland is part of the Kingdom of Denmark, but in practice the island is fully self-governing.
  • In all of Greenland, there are less than 60 thousand people. About a third of the entire population lives in the capital, Nuuk.
  • Prices here are high on almost everything, because almost everything you can find in the local stores is shipped here from other countries. Especially expensive any alcohol.
  • Glaciers cover over 80% of Greenland.

  • Scientists say that about 500 years ago there was much less ice here. It is likely that later they will melt again, at least partially.
  • Some Greenlandic glaciers are moving at a rate of up to 30-40 meters per day.
  • The area of Greenland is almost 50 times larger than that of Denmark, to which it nominally belongs.
  • The first Europeans to settle in these harsh lands were the Vikings, who arrived from Iceland.
  • The thickness of the ice sheet in central Greenland reaches 3 kilometers.
  • If all the Greenland glaciers were to melt, the level of the ocean would rise, according to various estimates, by 6-7 meters. Of course, provided that the excess water does not freeze somewhere else, for example in Antarctica.
  • In summer it can be warm here, the temperature sometimes reaches +20, albeit infrequently. But frosts in -50 degrees in winter will surprise no one.
  • Greenland is the largest national park in the world, its area is just under 1 million square kilometers.

  • Greenlandic is the official language here, along with Danish.
  • For all of Greenland is only one fountain. It works in the summer for several months, as long as it is warm enough for it.
  • Every year the ice golf world championship is held in these parts. It’s the same golf, but with ice instead of turf.
  • Northern Lights in Greenland can be observed for an average of 8 months a year.
  • The population density in Greenland is the lowest in the world. There are about 0.027 people per square kilometer.
  • Most of the houses here are dazzling and colorful. This makes the monotonous local landscapes more positive.
  • Archaeologists have found that the first people appeared in Greenland about 4500 years ago.
  • Greenland has no currency of its own. Locals use Danish krona.Once there was recorded a record low temperature of -70 degrees.
  • In the Greenland town of Upernavik is the most northern ferry crossing in the world.
  • Local laws prohibit photographing Greenlanders without their consent.
  • The different towns of Greenland are only connected by water and air. But there are no roads or railroads between them at all.


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