Interesting facts about Henry Ford

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Perhaps the most famous industrialist in history is Henry Ford, a genius entrepreneur who turned the world’s view of how plants and factories can work. He actively implemented the usual in the modern world, but innovative at the time ideas, which brought him to the height of fame and financial prosperity. During his life, Henry Ford earned an incredible amount of money, and the concepts he invented are actively used to this day.

Facts from Henry Ford’s biography

  • He was born in the United States, but his parents were from Ireland.
  • At the age of 16, young Henry Ford ran away from home to Detroit, where he got his first job, because life on a farm was weighing him down.
  • He earned his first money as a young man by repairing broken-down field machinery owned by neighbors. Ford was paid for that and worked the neighbor’s fields with the help of reanimated machinery. Also, of course, not for free.
  • Ford designed and assembled his first car at the age of 30, working on it in his spare time.
  • Henry Ford was an extremely talented mechanic. So, he assembled with his own hands an elegant wristwatch, which he then presented to his wife.
  • He was an excellent architect, too. Ford designed and built his first house himself practically with no help.
  • Henry Ford’s factory was the most advanced in terms of technical equipment. When he was 50 years old, he launched the first assembly line, which greatly increased the efficiency of workers.

  • Henry Ford patented 161 inventions during his lifetime. Once, when he was still young, he did not do so, and as a result, his competitors first beat him to it and then sued him for patent infringement. The trial lasted for 10 years, and Ford remembered that mistake forever.
  • The conveyors invented by Ford are now used all over the world.
  • Henry Ford believed in reincarnation and the transmigration of souls. He himself claimed that his profound knowledge of machinery resulted from experiences in his past lives.
  • Two decades after Henry Ford released his first automobile, he had already sold about 15 million cars, and his factories employed several hundred thousand people. Ford’s plants at that time were the most advanced in the United States.
  • The entrepreneur was respected and loved by his employees. It was Henry Ford who was the first to introduce the 8-hour workday, while in other companies it was not rationed. In addition, his salaries were higher than those of his competitors, so he lured experienced workers to him.
  • All his life, Henry Ford was a very conservative man. He did not drink or smoke and demanded that his employees control their morals, even to the extent of forbidding “indecent dancing” even in their free time. Company employees even interviewed employees’ neighbors, compiling dossiers on them.
  • Henry Ford’s famous phrase “The customer can order any color car, as long as it is black”. The fact is that in that era, car paints were not resistant, they were made from natural ingredients, and only black paint was durable enough.
  • An ingenious industrialist came up to pay some employees not to work, but to do nothing. So, repair crews who repaired broken equipment in the factory were paid by the hour while they did nothing and enjoyed their leisure time. If a breakdown occurred, the pay counter would stop and restart only after it was fixed, which motivated the workers to work faster and more efficiently.
  • Henry Ford hated war with all his heart. When World War I swept over the world, he spent more than a million dollars - enormous by the standards of the early 20th century - on anti-war propaganda.

  • The authorities kept a close eye on the industrialist because of his ties to the Mafia. Ford always took care of the family members of former mobsters who worked for him, if his subordinates were arrested and imprisoned.
  • Henry Ford followed a strict vegetarian diet most of his life.
  • He originally planned to produce electric cars, not automobiles, but market trends made adjustments to his plans.
  • One day, Henry Ford received a letter from a certain car thief. In his message, he expressed his admiration for Ford cars and vowed to steal only Ford cars in the future.
  • For all his positive qualities, however, Ford was a fierce anti-Semite. It is known that his portrait even hung in the office of Adolf Hitler. But when World War II broke out, Ford provided invaluable support to the US defense industry, speeding up the defeat of Germany and its allies.
  • It was Henry Ford who invented the charcoal kebab briquettes that are so popular today.
  • He was a conservative man who, with few exceptions, only hired men. The struggle for women’s rights in the United States in those years had not yet gained momentum.
  • It is likely that Henry Ford was the richest man who ever lived. In the last years of his life, his combined fortune was estimated at about $188 billion.
  • Henry Ford’s depth of knowledge is even more astonishing when one remembers that he received no decent education.

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