Interesting facts about Ireland

Posted on Mar 9, 2022      321

Independent State of Ireland is the home of foam drinks, leprechauns and superstitions associated with clover. This country is interesting first for its ancient history, which monuments have survived here a lot. The Irish themselves, on the whole, love their country, which for many centuries already acts as a tacit rival of Great Britain in many issues.

Facts about Ireland

  • There are more red-haired people here than in any other country in the world - about 9% of the population.
  • The famous St. Patrick is not only the patron saint of Ireland but also of Nigeria.
  • The climate here is harsh. Fall usually begins in August, bringing icy winds from the sea.
  • The popular Halloween holiday has its origins in the similar Irish holiday of Samhain, which was celebrated by the Celts who still lived here.
  • The westernmost point of Europe is on Irish soil.

  • The world’s first duty-free store was once opened.
  • The American White House was designed by an Irish architect.
  • The most popular food in Ireland is potato. It is cooked.
  • English has the status of the official language here on a par with Irish. Almost the entire population speaks it, but the Irish accent is very peculiar and usually hard for Englishmen to understand.
  • It was in Ireland that the infamous cruise ship Titanic was designed.
  • This country is famous for its pubs. The oldest of them was opened 9 centuries ago, and it still works.
  • The Irish-born John Tyndale was the world’s first scientist-physicist.
  • Part of the Irish province of Ulster is part of Great Britain.
  • There are 17 times fewer Irish people living in Ireland itself than outside of Ireland. About 80 million people of Irish descent live abroad, while only about 4.6 million live in their historic homeland.
  • Prices here are higher than in neighboring Britain.
  • Most Irish people support U.S. policy.
  • There are a lot of immigrants here. Most of them come from Pakistan and India, as well as their descendants.
  • The most popular street of fast food here is Indian food.
  • There are almost no zebra crosswalks on the streets of Irish cities.

  • On average, there are 1.5 cell phones per person in Ireland. And that’s counting everyone, including young children.
  • In terms of alcohol consumption, the country ranks second in the world, behind the Czech Republic.
  • In Dublin, the Irish capital, there is one pub for every hundred people.
  • Irish scientist William Wilson was the first in the world to calculate the temperature of the solar surface. Later research has shown that he was quite right.
  • Dublin is home to the world’s oldest working maternity hospital, opened in 1745.
  • Ireland is the only country in the European Union where abortion is illegal.
  • This country is home to the world’s largest dogs, Irish Wolfhounds.
  • The oldest yacht club in the world still operates here. It began its work in 1720.
  • Ireland ranks first in the world in software exports.
  • According to statistics, the Irish in the vast majority of cases, when buying housing, prefer to choose a private house rather than an apartment.
  • The harsh climate has hardened the locals. While tourists wrap themselves in jackets, shivering from the cold, the Irish can easily walk in shorts and T-shirts.
  • There are so many ancient ruins here that no one has yet bothered to count their exact number.
  • On Sundays in Ireland, it is usually impossible to find a working store.
  • Tipping in cafes and restaurants is officially 10% of the bill.
  • Ireland has many picturesque beaches, but most Europeans refuse to swim there all year round, as the sea is always cold. But some locals swim safely.
  • Irish roots, according to the census, have 50% of the population of Australia.
  • Public libraries are popular here. Many Irish people like to read, but most prefer to use libraries rather than buy books themselves.