Interesting facts about Jack London

Posted on Mar 11, 2022      364

There were many famous writers in the world whose talent was comparable to that of Jack London, but not all of them turned their skills into money. But Jack London became famous and extremely successful during his lifetime, and his works brought him not only great fame but also fortune. As one of the most prominent American writers, he spent most of his life in the writing trade, creating a lot of real masterpieces and giving them as contemporaries and future generations.

Facts from the biography of Jack London

  • Jack’s mother, being pregnant with him, tried to shoot herself in a fit of despair, as her common-law husband insisted that she have an abortion.
  • Also, the future writer’s mother was into spiritualism and claimed to be spiritually connected to an Indian chief.
  • Because of family problems, Jack London’s father refused to acknowledge his son as his own.
  • The writer’s real name was John Griffith Chaney.
  • During his 17 years of literary activity, Jack London created 20 novels, 3 plays and over 200 short stories.
  • Jack London worked a lot from a young age. He tried his hand as a janitor, a sales agent, worked in a cannery, and in general, he tried to earn money in every way.
  • Two women in Jack London’s childhood became important to him for the rest of his life. The first was Virginia Prentiss, a former slave of Flora Wellmann; in her care, his mother left him for a time after the baby was born. The second is Eliza London, the eldest daughter of her stepfather, Jack John London, whom Flora married in late 1876; a faithful friend and guardian angel of the writer. Alas, Flora herself was constantly hatching plans for quick wealth, and these ventures frustrated all her husband’s attempts to farm at a time of severe economic crisis.

  • Jack London was an experienced sailor. One day, when he was still 14 years old, he borrowed $300 and bought himself a small second-hand ship on which he fished for shrimp, doing it all illegally. Later he got a job on a fishing boat himself and sailed to the coast of Japan for the booty.
  • After his mother married a second time, to Civil War veteran John London, the boy was adopted by his stepfather and changed his last name from Cheney to London.
  • At eighteen, he spent a month in prison. The reason for his arrest was his participation in a riot.
  • Jack London wrote not only for adults but also for children. One of his most popular children’s books is a collection of Northern Tales.
  • In 1900, Jack London married for the first time the bride of his deceased mate Bessie Maddern.
  • Jack received his first royalties when he was still 16 years old. He published in one newspaper in San Francisco the essay “Typhoon off the coast of Japan”.
  • Jack London, during his relatively short creative life (16 years) wrote over 50 books. His novels and short stories have been translated into many languages and are still sold on bookstore shelves today.
  • The years of Jack London’s life came during the “gold rush.” In the spring of 1897, the writer succumbed to it, and left for Alaska. To get rich, however, he thus failed.
  • Jack London’s books are written in simple, colloquial language. Perhaps partly because of the ease of reading, comprehensibility and simplicity of his works and became so popular.
  • Jack’s work capacity was fantastic - he could spend 15 hours a day at his writing desk.

  • Jack London worked as a war correspondent. During his life, he twice visited the military conflicts.
  • After earning a decent sum, Jack London became a model farmer and bought a ranch. However, as in his youth, Jack was a worthless entrepreneur. The farm suffered losses, which had to be covered by hard writing.
  • Jack sailed around the world. The writer raised about thirty thousand dollars and built a ship from his own blueprints. He wanted to sail with his family on a seven-year voyage, but in the course of it he became ill, and was forced to return after a couple of years.
  • Jack London is believed to be the first writer to make a million dollars through his literary work.
  • Jack London died because of an overdose of powerful painkillers. No one still knows whether it was an accident or suicide.
  • At Jack London’s grave stands only a boulder that has sprouted moss. There is no tombstone there.