Interesting facts about Jules Verne

Posted on Mar 12, 2022      359

The famous writer Jules Verne became an idol for millions of readers, making entire generations dream of adventure. Although he himself had never been to most of the places, he described in his books, he described them so accurately and fascinatingly that it was simply impossible not to believe in what he read. During his life, Jules Verne created many works that received a cult status, his books were translated into many languages, and they enjoy great popularity to this day.

Facts from the biography of Jules Verne

  • The brilliant writer was French, but on his mother’s side, he had Scottish roots.
  • Jules Verne had a younger brother and three younger sisters.
  • At his father’s insistence, the future writer received a spiritual education in a seminary.
  • Already in his youth, he mastered Latin and Greek.
  • As a child, Jules Verne dreamed of becoming a sailor, and once, at the age of 11, he even ran away from home, taking a job as a cabin boy. Fortunately, his father could intercept him in time.
  • One of the young Jules Verne’s idols was Victor Hugo. He even tried to write in the same genre, but did not find support in the family - his father wanted his son to follow in his footsteps and become a lawyer.

  • Throughout most of his life, Jules Verne had abdominal pain. He himself believed that it was some kind of hereditary disease, but modern researchers believe that he had colitis.
  • For many years his father begged him to leave literature and take over his, his father’s, law office, but the writer invariably refused.
  • Among all the writers of the world, Jules Verne ranks second in the world in translatability. Only Agatha Christie’s books are translated into other languages more often than his works.
  • His first adventure work was the story “The First Ships of the Mexican Navy,” written, by his own admission, under the impression of the books of Fenimore Cooper.
  • Jules Verne was inspired by his travels, memorizing and writing everything he saw and heard.
  • When fame and fortune came to him, he realized his long-time dream of the sea and bought himself three yachts one by one.
  • The works of Jules Verne were officially translated into 148 languages.
  • Sometimes he had downtime, but when inspiration struck him, the writer could work for 15-16 hours a day, without even a distraction to have lunch.
  • He was once shot in the leg by his own nephew, who suffered from a mental disorder, and shot his own uncle during the attack.
  • Still, in his youth, he had met the famous Alexandre Dumas, and later he became close friends with his son, Alexandre Dumas Jr.

  • Jules Verne was a full member of the French Geographical Society. It comprised many prominent scientists and travelers in those years.
  • He described many things that did not exist at that time, but were invented later, in particular, a suit for diving under water and, for example, an airplane.
  • Besides literature, he was also engaged in theatrical performances and wrote musical comedies.
  • Jules Verne’s son Michel became a cinematographer, and he directed 5 films of his father.
  • The grandson of Jules Verne devoted almost 40 years of his life to work on the biography of his famous grandfather.
  • The novel by the writer called Paris in the XX th century was lost for a long time. It was found only by the great-grandson of Jules Verne, who found the priceless manuscript.
  • Throughout his life, Jules Verne wrote everything that seemed important or interesting to him. By the time of his death, about 20 thousand notebooks with records had accumulated in his personal library.