Interesting facts about Louis de Funes

Posted on Mar 12, 2022      753

The famous French film actor Louis de Funès became incredibly famous thanks to a series of films with his participation. The fame did not come to him at once. By that time he was already a man of age, and the image of a grumpy miser with a bad temper forever stuck to him. It was this role that made him so popular.

Facts from the life of Louis de Funes

  • Besides acting, he also mastered music. Few people know that the famous comedian was an excellent pianist. In his youth, he at one time even earned a living playing the piano for the public.
  • Louis de Funes usually slept very deeply, not responding to external stimuli, so he always made himself as much as three alarm clocks instead of one, and at the same time.
  • He was not always rich and famous. In his life, Louis de Funes has mastered the profession of sailor, shoemaker, and several others.
  • The actor was fluent in English and Spanish.
  • Especially popular Louis de Funes was in the early 60′s of the twentieth century. He received many offers from directors, and he, being an inveterate workaholic, often starred in several films simultaneously.
  • He had a habit of walking and record all that he had noticed in the behavior of others, in a notebook. Then Louis de Funes studied his records and sometimes applied something from what he saw in the characters, which played.

  • The wife of the French comedian was the granddaughter of Guy de Maupassant, the world-famous writer. She, by the way, turned out to be that even longer-lived - after surviving spouse, she lived for 101 years.
  • Louis de Funes demanded from his sons to become actors, but they have not lived up to their father’s expectations. One of them became a pilot, and the other a doctor.
  • In France, he was so popular that he was awarded the highest award of this country - the Legion of Honor.
  • Although Louis de Funès is one of the most popular French actors in history, he was not, strictly , French. Both his father and mother were of mixed Spanish-Portuguese descent. But their son was born in France, where they had moved when he was young.

  • One variety of roses is named after Louis de Funes. And all because he adored these flowers, and a fair share of his free time spent in the garden, caring for them.
  • As a child, his parents called him “Fufu”. They themselves, by the way, were also famous actors, but their fame was still incomparable with the glory of Louis de Funes.
  • Contemporaries argued that the actor was often unbearable. On screen he often appeared as harmful and perpetually dissatisfied rude, and many have argued that he was so in life.
  • With age, Louis de Funes appeared real paranoia. He was convinced that he was being watched, and never parted with a gun. He even put it under his pillow while he slept.
  • As a joke, one day he put a sign on the door of his apartment that read, “Fun Sale 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.” When he broke into a crowd of people, Louis de Funes was taken aback - he did not expect such an effect from his innocent joke.